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Already got the Joel edition for the PS3,

I'll get this to complete my collection, Fucking love this game.

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It must have something extra if i have to buy it again.

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I like console gaming because it's just a more relaxed experience for me, just turn it on and play some games. I'm not that intense anymore when it comes to video games.

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CHI CITY ! Fuck you Max, cats are awesome/

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I agree... Battlefield WW2 style needs to come back , hell i want every modern shooter to go back to WW2 style. It's weird how everything changed when COD went modern warfare on us.

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No more SW Battlefront 2 ? FUCK

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I'm a dude from Holland, 25 years old and i meditate but i'm not really a buddhist.

I don't know if there is a god, i just think there is some kind of force holding everything together or something,

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Just do what you love to do and tell people who tell you otherwise to go fuck themselves.

Life is too short to worry about these things.