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Deus Ex Human Revolution ? I think they stayed in that one .... i could be wrong.

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Always on normal.

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My cat once pissed on the box of Zelda Ocarina of time but nothing like this lol.

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I personally like to play SNES games like Donkey kong country 1 and 2, Snowboard kids on the N64,Banjo kazooie,Super mario 64/All stars.

Some old RTS games are also quite comfy like Knights and Merchants,Anno 1404, Command & Conquer Tiberium sun, Red Alert 2.

If you have a PS3 i'd like to recommend ICO and Shadow of the Collossus HD or the Yakuza games.

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@ryanwhom said:

People who built their income around something they know was a violation of the TOS, I have a hard time feeling sorry for them I guess. Like if I got a gray market running out of my apartment and it gets shut down, Im not horrified and surprised. The gig is up, I knew what I was doing. If all Im doing is shutting it down, no fine and no jail, Im kind of ahead of the game. It was good while it lasted move on.

Thats the thing though - it was never in violation of the ToS and those people were well within their legal rights to do so. I'm not talking about the people who put pirated movies and music on there, but in this case the people doing lets plays and reviews/criticisms have every right to do so under USC Title 17, Chapter 1, subsection 107. They aren't breaking any copyright laws or ToS agreements in doing so.

Youtube doesn't have to follow the law tough.

When you accept their terms and conditions they can do whatever they like.

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How is Pewdiepie or whatever the fuck he's called the number one cunt on youtube then ?

The future is really fucking weird you guys.

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It's been 12 years since Shenmue 2 you don't know what pain is mate.