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We need to move on as a gaming society. How about WW1?

Okay but only if it's a super-simmy version of WW1. Gotta deal with trench foot and all that.

The Darkness has a really dark part in it that takes place in WW1.

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Sounds like a party, they both suck though.

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Sure... but it has to be like BF 1942 or something.

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They began to suck when the Wii launched.

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Nah.. i'm too lazy for that shit.

I'll wait for GTA 5 to drop into my mailbox.

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I think LA Noire and Chromehounds were underrated.

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You sick bastard.

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I'm going to have a TedX talk about pizza rolls, you guys are all invited.

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Interesting....I never stand a chance in multiplayer anyway, unless i'm really really focused.

Them Call of duty No scopezz generation kids ruined FPS multiplayer games for me.

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@nictel: Sure, that's an incredibly important point to remember. Should be very exciting to see UK and US sales.

How exciting ! SALES NUMBERS !! how much stock did you buy ?

Console wars are always exciting, fan boys are going to go mad whatever the numbers are going to be.

War never changes.You're right, it's all part of the fun.

Bigger question is what is the WII U going to have to offer in november ?

Xbox One is the Same day as Super Mario 3d, WHO WILL WIN

it's gonna be a close one.