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You needed to have Gold to use Internet Explorer and skype too ? Damn son.....

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Eh, RDR wasn't that great, sold my 360 version some time ago.

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The first On the spot episode from gamespot and after Jeff was fired went to Giantbomb: How to Build a Bomb Episode 1, started listening to their podcast only a couple of years ago.

Damn it ... Now you got me thinking about how awesome Ryan was.

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Sounds like that whole game is just a big scam... 60 bucks for the game, 50 for the season pass ?, AND you got to pay to unlock the weapons faster ?

I sure hope that all the bugs and glitches are fixed by now, I think i'll just wait for BF 5 or Star Wars Battlefront to come out. I really like Battlefield games tough, Damn it.

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Huh, that's weird , i thought that Japan was a bit more open minded when it comes to same sex marriage... Buddhism is their main religion right ? weird.