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If i had the 50 euros + T-shirt (20 euro's customs) shipping 70 euros, 90 bucks +/- to spend, i would subscribe again.

Looks like it's gonna be a while before i can enjoy these premium live shows again.

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Fuck these new consoles, also... i feel naked without my gold medal.

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Just watch the big press conferences when you're back from your holiday.

That's what i would do.

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I'm watching these again with a big smile on my face, thanks.

Jeff's blonde hair was fucking amazing lol.

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You already got the best 3DS got to offer.


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The only one i want to play is Shenmue 3 but it's never gonna happen .... just a forklift simulator for assholes eh, Jeff ? It is the only thing that could safe the whole goddamn gaming industry imo.

I sometimes feel like i'm being pushed out of this gaming thing.