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I can see the resemblance, but Jazzpunk is a spiritual successor in absolutely every sense to Gravity Bone. It's a very direct substitution.

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I don't know what it was about it, but when I clicked on a turtle on the beach and the "WAH" noise sounded and I dumped a pizza, a sai and a purple rag on it got me to laugh unexpectedly.

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It'll come back. I'm not too worried.

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excellent work.

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It's just a form of price discrimination.

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@rollingzeppelin said:

@thatfrood: Did you end up trying the baby helmet?

yep no worries. that's actually what I was trying to do initially but as it turned out I got the teleporter order all-fucked. the puzzle was good my execution was poor.

Really enjoyed part 1 and looking forward to part 2 a lot.

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Yea I guess I'll stop playing for a while or something, kinda a bummer.

Ah, looks like someone else has already mentioned, but yeah you need to grab the baby suit from the junk room

Dear diary, today I learned that if I can't solve an adventure game puzzle, I should just assume it's a glitch.

much appreciated

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@djjoejoe: yeah, I think it may be glitched for some people. I've shrunk my head twice (ie I went through a teleporter without going back through its complement), and then took the middle one to the power chamber. No dice.

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Damnit! I could have sworn I did exactly that! Thanks man.

edit: welp, as it so happens, I did do exactly that. My game may be glitched?