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I hope it's more like Civ IV.

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It's important to note that Russia has not violated any treaties in their troop movements in Ukraine. They have an agreement with the Ukrainian government and multiple military bases in Crimea. So far, they have not moved troops outside of those bounds.

The effect is the same, however.

Russia will not take Crimea by force of arms, Putin isn't an idiot. Instead, the likely intent is to make it impossible for a new government to silence pro-Russian voices in Crimea. By increasing their military presence, the new government cannot suppress or discount the pro-Russian Crimea, resulting in Russia preserving their absolutely crucial naval base. This will also cause the new government to, by necessity, represent Crimean interests, which would align more with Russia's interests than the West.

The worst case scenario is that Ukraine is provoked and takes action against Crimea, in which case Russia may take sterner action.

I wish Russia was not so villified, but I also understand it. My heart bleeds for the Ukrainian people and I have not known what to make of these recent events. I am ethnically Russian, and love my country, but I love Ukraine. Our history is tied deeply to Kiev and I admire the Ukrainians immensely. @snakevsgiantbomb, I hope for your safety, whatever good my hoping may do for you.

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It's good to have, but it needs to have consequence and to be hard.

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Coffin Sex-Change Boat is the name of my alternative punk rock band.

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The only thing I really didn't care for was the delivery on the "A-holes" line.

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There's literally a part in Half Life 1 where you jump into an actual shark cage.

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I can see the resemblance, but Jazzpunk is a spiritual successor in absolutely every sense to Gravity Bone. It's a very direct substitution.

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I don't know what it was about it, but when I clicked on a turtle on the beach and the "WAH" noise sounded and I dumped a pizza, a sai and a purple rag on it got me to laugh unexpectedly.

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It'll come back. I'm not too worried.