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Upon a second inspection, I came across some residue on the "processing" units(?)  Anyone know if this is supposed to be here?  Or perhaps I need to add more to it?  Could this be the source of the supposed overheating?  I suppose if there isn't a solid connection between between them and the heatspreader, that would cause them to overheat just like in a computer's processor and the heatsinks right? 
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Not good enough to risk screwing up a perfectly good controller.  Though I might buy one for just that purpose.  It would be cool to have a USB N64 controller.  And saving is a nice feature, agreed! 
I actually did have it completely taken apart as I was cleaning it and checking it.  I just can't see the reason why it keeps messing up.  There was a post in a different forum about an issue in the power supply being to blame, but with no other power supp[ly to try, I can't really test that theory.  They are pretty cheap now a days so I guess I might just see if I can find a replacement. 
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I do realize that downloading a N64 emulator and some roms of the games I have would be infinately easier, there is something to be said for playing old games on old systems with old style controllers.  I think I would rather replace my system then just go the emulator route. 
5 minutes might have been more of an estimation, it was probably shorter then that.  I didn't notice a small battery inside of it but I guess its just crapped and I will have to replace the whole thing.   I appreciate your suggestions though, thanks
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Yea, I am fortunate in that I have both a working NES and SNES even with them being stored and not played for an extended period of time.  Every time I pull them out, aside from jimmy-ing the NES carts, they both work fine.  My N64 is a real bummer.  The outlook is not so bright
Well I have read the first forum before and aside from cleaning it out and checking under the hood, I can't figure out what is wrong with it.  The other two posts as well mainly point to either an overheating problem or a short somewhere.  I can't see where a short would be and I have thoroughly cleaned out the system with compressed air and cleaned the contacts.  SIGH maybe I will just have to find a "new" one :(
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HA! Yea that would probably be an interesting phone call.  Maybe it is still under warrenty......
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So I have had this system for a long time but over the past, I don't know 5 or 7 years, it has been sitting on a shelf.  Recently I found a retailer that sells old N64 games.  Now remember it was working fine before I put it up all those years ago.  So I get my trusty system down to play the new games I picked up for it and now it doesn't work.  The issue is that it just keeps resetting itself.  Obviously my first thought was overheating.  It seemed unlikely though because this was happening after maybe 3 or 5 minutes of it being on and it was not hot to the touch at all.  Nevertheless, I took it apart and cleaned out all the dust.  Still having the issue.  I took the expansion pack out and put the original in and still no dice.  I am not terribly tech efficient so I can't really disect the inside of the system to see if anything has gone bad, but it doesn't look like anything is broken.  It looks a heck of alot better then the inside of my NES looks.  So I was hoping that maybe someone knows of the potential problem.  Oh and for the sake of saying it, I did try other games.  Games that I know were working before I put them up.  The issue is definately coming from the system in some way.  Any ideas? 
EDIT: It is definately not 3 to 5 minutes, it is more like 1 minute if even that long. 
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Here it is 2011 and I picked this game up.  I hhad seen it before and wanted to try it out but by the time I got back to the store it was gone.  Then years passed and finally I found it again.  I wanted my friend to get it as well so we could play online and was going to recommend it to him but I realized there is a good chance that there is no support.  Here in lies the question.  The game says the online is powered by GameSpy, unless I am mistaken, GameSpy is no longer in the game server business.  So does this game still have the ability for my friend and I to play it online?  I checked in on it and there were no games found.  Either no one is playing this game, which is possible, or there is no support anymore and just not a message about it.  I can create a game though so I don't know.  Anyone know whether or not there is server support for this game?  Thanks for your assistance.
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Well it's not hard to go  to a store and see the pressense Guitar Hero has made for itself.  I would be inclined to say enough is enough, but I don't know if I have had enough.  I certainly have had enough of paying 60 bucks for it.  But for 20, Guitar Hero Metallica is a pretty good deal.  It lets you play almost all the Metallica songs you would want to play.  Sure there are some glaring omisions but a good all around collection all the same.  That makes me wonder why they didn't just put 20 more Metallica songs in the game.  Instead you get "Guest appearances hand picked by the band."  I don't know how far you can believe that.  But when you buy a Guitar Hero game with Metallica branded all over it, you have a good idea what to expect.  I just don't see the point.  Another missed opportunity is the lack of DLC for this game.  Is Metallica doing some other music game deal or what?  The PR spin they had on this was that the band had their hands all over it and yet you can't help but notice the one and done attitude, the complete lack of support.  Sure there was that new album dropping on there but where is the rest of the good stuff?  Just seems like wasted potential to me.  But the fact of the matter is that I like the music.  I might not like the band personalities very much these days, but I do like the music and that is what your paying for.  The music.  And it is some good music.  Music that is fun to play with people and fun to play all by your lonesome.  Plus it seems like the difficulty isn't crazy like it was in other GH titles, that makes it less frusterating which equals more fun.  Add to that the custom charactor editor, the music studio, and the online components, and you have yourself a pretty neat package.   Definately worth the price you can find it for now a days.  I would give it a 6 out of 10 for being a satisfying experience and would recommend it for anyone who has ever liked Master of Puppets.

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You are absolutely right.  That should have been the end, but then you are left with a 6 hour game and thats no good.  Plus that whole, I don't know if you would call it a tutorial or what from the beginning before you wake up in the ship.  I should have known right then and there that that would be a place you see again.  All in all though I would play another Riddick game.  Provided they make some improvements to the engine a bit.
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@RageousX said:
3. Trophy lists prior to the crash will remain intact, but any missed trophies accumulated/earned during it are pretty much lost. If you were working on something, load a previous save and do it again. "

That would explain why I can't seem to find my bioshock trophies when I signed onto their website