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The fact that the game is 19.99 already sort of proves how bad the game is.  Reminds me how $10 was knocked off of the cel-shaded Prince of Persia game a week after it came out.

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I suppose it is a bit cliched, but a level where you control the alien swarm and have to attack 4 humans

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Whatever comes next, it better have a 24hr webcam feed of the whiskey bar

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I should really be shaving every 2-3 days, but I usually shave once a week

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God of War 
Michael Bay---Because the explosions will be epik 
Vin Diesel
Hrm it's hard coming up with the most over the top possible game movie ever.

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I chose I because I own the souls of video gamers mwahahaha. 

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@beatlebrainiac said:
" @ryanwho: Might be snobby, but it's not stupid. Look how much money both National Treasure movies made. Look how much Transformers 2 made. Look how much money the Twilight movies have made. Look how much money fucking The Last Airbender made.   "
It's not how much money the movie makes, but how much profit it makes.  Last Airbender I think had no profit (thankfully).  So I guess I hope that if Inception does poorly in theaters, it does really well when it goes to blu-ray/dvd.
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Fine, fine.  This probably won't be that full of detail, but I guess I'll try to say something of substance.   
I recently bought this but it seems like there are newer models out.  My only problem with it is that the edges are glossy, which can be a little distracting
The monitor is extremely bright, it makes the screen on a non-LED backlit screen I have look extremely dull.  If I recall correctly these types of screens run with less power and are brighter (since this is not a laptop though, power consumption is probably not that much of an issue).  On another note, if you are going greater than 23" you should think about getting a higher resolution than 1920x1080.  My preferred monitor brands (from experience) are Dell and Samsung.  
Edit: seems like you made up your mind so you can disregard this post I suppose.

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They both aren't being released in 3D therefore I will see both.  Sorcerer's Apprentice so I can shut down my brain and just have some silly movie fun and Inception cause it actually looks interesting.