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@seemah: Thanks for your reply! Do you think the same would work for the slim Vita? I'm not really sure if the two versions are the same in terms of hardware, but your solution was one thing I heard people say worked.

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So, I have a PS Vita (the slim version), and I haven't really played with it for about a week and left it in stand-by mode. I tried to use it this morning, and whenever I hold on to the power button, an orange light blinks 5 times and then nothing else happens. I tried charging it for about an hour, thinking that maybe it just needed to be charged, and it does the same thing. I tried googling my problem, and everyone else seems to have different problems than mine, so I really don't know what to do. Everybody's solution just seems to be "Eh, just send it in/get a new one". Is my Vita just bad now? Do I just need to leave it on charge for a longer period of time? Does anyone know any fixes?

UPDATE: Alright, so I left it charging for a few hours and it turns out that worked just fine! Saw the screen flash for a split second, turned on the Vita, and it worked! Just in case someone comes to this problem in the future, this seems to be the way to fix it! Don't know how well it'll work in the long run, but for now it's on and I'm happy!

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I wish I could say I'm excited for a new Tony Hawk game, but after the last Tony Hawk game they made, I just can't help but feel like this will be another huge disappointment. I had, and still have, so much fun playing Pro Skater 3 - American Wasteland when I was younger. Hell, I didn't even mind Project 8 and Proving Grounds, but man, am I itching for another Neversoft-feeling Tony Hawk.

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PSN: CrustyJay716

I don't really play multiplayer a whole lot so I may not be online all the time, but I've actually been really liking this MP mode for some reason so, hey, if anyone's down to play and I'm on, I'm down to play too.

Edit: Never mind. I ended up returning this game today, because I've been having major problems getting into a multiplayer match for the past couple of days. Sucks, because I think this may have been my absolute favorite multiplayer game I've ever played.

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I'm honestly really excited for this game. That's mostly do to the fact that I'm a sheep when it comes to the WWE games, but I don't know, there's some stuff that I think looks really cool. That 30 years of Wrestlemania mode is a cool idea and I'm glad they're using the same format for that mode that they used for Attitude Era mode last year.

The roster is pretty good, in my opinion. People were made about guys like The Usos not making it, but I honestly don't care. Most of the guys that didn't make it are guys I really wouldn't have used anyway. The only guys I'm bummed didn't make it were Big E Langston and Fandango and they'll be DLC in a few months so it's all good.

They finally added the one thing I wanted in Universe mode which is the ability to create your own rivalries. I understood what they were trying to do in previous years in terms of just letting storyline play out, but it sucked that if you tried to make your own rivalry, you didn't get any cutscenes. This way, if you want to let shit play out, you can and if you want to be a booker, that's alright too. Also, KotR being a PPV type is awesome.

Overall, it's exactly what I want out of a WWE game. Hopefully they've fixed the shit that was broken last year like the 2 count glitch. It's also just getting me excited for what might come for the next generation of consoles. I'm assuming a few of the people who watch VGCW want it to be a complete broken mess and 2K14 will probably be one as far as the storyline creator and actual matches, but I honestly just want a polished wrestling game.

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I didn't see anyone post this so I thought I'd share this with you guys. If you are unaware of the show "Beer and Board Games", it's pretty self-explanatory. Four guys(different guys every week) get drunk and play a few board games. The show is well-liked enough to the point where people are able to donate to their show and, in exchange, the guys on the show will do different things like toast anyone you want, name a game piece after anything or even dedicate an entire episode to you or anyone you want.

In this particular episode, a Giant Bomb fan chose to toast Ryan Davis and I thought you guys would like to see as it is cool to see Ryan still getting the praise he deserves. I'm truly sorry if this was an inappropriate thing to post and I hope that I haven't reopened any wounds that fans and staff of Giant Bomb might have felt during the passing. I just though it was a nice little shout out to Ryan.

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@mortuss_zero: Yes, a flash is a USB drive! To use it, I believe you would plug it in to your 360 and then go to the memory screen and then select it from the list of memory devices. Then I think it will give you the option to get it formatted and you do that. I'm not entirely sure if that's right, but I think that's how you do it.

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Really enjoyed both episodes. I was afraid it wasn't going to be as funny in the new version and I ended up laughing my ass off at a lot of the stuff. I loved the skit where they were laying down on the floor but it kind of looked like they were standing. I really hope the humor continues.

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Rest in Peace, Ryan and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends who loved him dearly. I can't believe such a talented writer and such a nice person had to leave us so quickly. I just got done watching some "Best of Giant Bomb" videos and Ryan has had some hilarious, fantastic moments. He was an asshole in the absolute best way possible. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back and listen to an old Giant Bomb podcast or watch an old Giant Bomb Quick Look again without thinking about this.

If there is one thing that can come good from this, it's that he at least seemingly died happy and surrounded by people who loved and supported him.

Stay strong, Giant Bomb. Giant Bomb may never be the same again, but now more than ever, we need to stick together and pull through

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I was just watching the recent TNT where they played WWE All Stars and listening to Jeff and Jared talk about pro wrestling was just absolutely depressing. It was just a lot of "I can't believe I used to/still do watch this. I must really hate myself" mixed in with "Look at how good the old days were compared to nowadays". It was just kind of annoying/disheartening to hear that this is what people actually think about pro wrestling.

Look, I get it. A lot of really stupid things happen in wrestling nowadays and it's kind of the cool thing to call wrestling fans stupid rednecks and to call wrestling itself stupid, but come on. Is it really the knee jerk reaction for a lot of people when they hear "Pro Wrestling" to look down on it and bad mouth it in every possible way?