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Honey mustard. I love the honey mustard from Denny's. Not fancy, but damn it goes good with seasoned fries or chicken strips.

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Yup. My sticks lasted 3 months before it wore down enough to rip through to the hard plastic. No, I wasn't hard on the controller and my hands don't get sweaty. I still have all of my original controllers from my old consoles in flawless condition. I take care of my stuff. A few hours of Resogun and watching youtube and the DS4 fell apart. That's the reason I haven't got extra controllers for local co-op games yet. No idea if this has been fixed. I was able to get a $60 refund from Amazon after Sony couldn't help (They said to ship my only controller to them at my own expense and wait 4-6 weeks to see if they would fix or replace it).

DS4 is a decent controller, but the build quality on many of them are terrible. And Sony's handling of the situation has been poor. Still waiting to give them another $180 if they would acknowledge the problem enough to tell us whether or not it's been resolved.

I'm in Las Vegas. It's not a humidity thing.

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I don't care about any of that debate, but science uses metric for a reason. The more important issue is that we should all use Kelvin. It's the only logical way to measure temperature. Any system that uses negative temperature is already broken. Celsius is better than Fahrenheit if you have to pick one.

I have no problem converting between metric and imperial. It's not that anyone needs to change what they're used to, but we need to learn basic math and it should never be an issue.

It's rare that this ever causes any problems. But it does happen. For what it's worth, we use metric in the space industry (except for NASA... still.)

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160 million units. That's why. Give it another year or so.

There are a lot of last gen only games coming out that I would love to play on my PS4 or PC. Oh well. Growing pains of a new generation, I suppose.

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BBQ sauce. If you don't have that, ketchup. Mayo is disgusting. While we're at it, fuck ranch too.

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Wow. One year. I had lost someone close to me the day before we were told about Ryan's passing. I was a mess. I never met the man, but I greatly respected his work, talent, and sense of humor. Watching all of the old videos and mourning with everyone here helped me through a really dark time. I could always rely on Ryan Davis and the crew for that. No matter how shitty my life was going, I knew I had someplace to go where I could forget it all and smile. Even if only for a few minutes. Without having the pleasure of knowing him, he was often a part of my life. He's touched all of our hearts and will continue to be missed.

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Yeah. Lap dances are expensive. Especially at Glitter Gulch. Next time hit up one of the strip clubs on Industrial. Much more reasonable price, and generally more attractive girls. It's hard to say that without sounding like a perv, but I hung out at strip clubs a lot a few years ago. One of my friends was a stripper at Treasures, so I met a lot of cool girls and spent a lot of time in Sapphire, Little Darlings, and Cheetah's. All of them are better than Glitter Gulch, imo. I guess for the convenience of having to only walk down a block from The D (formally Fitzgeralds), it's alright.

But yeah. Lap dances are whack. You can meet a random stranger on the strip, buy a few drinks, and have a good time for cheaper than a few lap dances if that's what you're into. I worked downtown for years, trust me. You could hook up multiple times a day if you wanted to (legally) with very little effort. I grew out of that phase in my early 20's (now 28). Strip clubs can be fun if it's a classy place and you're hanging out with friends. Glitter Gulch is the antithesis of classy, imo. Your losses are much less than the average 2-day visitor. You did well. At least you can say you got a lap dance in Vegas now, I guess.

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I'm liking it ok. It's nothing amazing or anything. I'm only a couple hours in. The story is doing nothing for me, but the combat is pretty fun.

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I'll be there hanging out. Not competing. If some duders will be there, I'll buy some beers or whatever. I'm a local so I'll be in and out.

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Is it even worth trying to play the game with a controller, or do I need a wheel? i'm still a couple months out from buying a wheel.