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Threw it in a spoiler block to help the page load quicker. I've been listening to a lot of Jean Grae lately.

I'm looking for some more good stuff to listen to. I'll give everything in this thread a fair chance, even if they aren't all my genre of choice.

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I don't go out of my way to make sure I play something, but I normally do play at least one game. At the very least I'll knock out a couple matches of BF4 or CS:GO to unwind after work. I'm perfectly fine not playing anything for a few days. I never feel like I need a break or anything. I don't think about it too much one way or another.

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My hours of doubled in the past few months, and I'm paid salary rather than hourly. Doing double the work for basically the same money. It'll be worth it soon.

Without giving too much detail... We're developing commercial space habitats. We're sending a module up to the International Space Station in the near future. It's a the biggest opportunity we've had, so the increase in hours came on pretty quick.

I love what I do, and I'm comfortable. It's hard to say anything sucks about it. Working the crazy hours only means I'm putting more work into making my dreams come true.

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Darn. That was my most anticipated game this year. Oh well. It makes sense. Out of all the games that are due out in November, this was definitely one of the least-known. I've never even seen an ad for it.

On the bright side, there's one less game for me to buy in the coming weeks. Hopefully they can nail down a release date that puts them in a more comfortable place. I'm itching for a good PS4 racer. The Crew isn't going to be it. We don't have anything (I say that as someone who enjoys Driveclub. That shit's broken).

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Nobody has Knack on the left of their bar.

Also, neat update. I could do the whole "where's ____?!" thing, but I won't. Just happy to see an update with additional features.

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It doesn't look like a good game. I'm not going to play a game that doesn't look fun just because it's controversial (or trying to be). Unless they show some decent looking gameplay, I'm not going to waste my time. The game will get a lot of press for being offensive, and probably be profitable.

I'm not personally offended by this (it's Postal without the bad attempts a humor). I just want to play fun games. This doesn't look like a good game. That's where I stop thinking about it.

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No more than I'm worried about heart disease, bad drivers, cancer, or having a meteor crash through my roof and kill me.

You're either going to die tomorrow or your're not. I tend not to think about what could possibly kill me. Being worried about Ebola at this point seems silly, unless you're in the business of touching people with Ebola.

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I know what I think will be fun. I watch a few minutes of a game on Twitch, or a Quick Look/Let's Play and base my buying decision on that. A bad review won't stop me from playing a game that I think I'll enjoy. A good review won't make me want to play a game that doesn't look interesting to me. I like to discuss games, but nobody's opinion affects my views on a specific game. Listening to people that disagree with me is part of what makes this (discussing games, these forums, etc) fun. Understanding why someone likes or dislikes something is good for people.

I'm interested in reviews, but never because I'm trying to decide what to buy.

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It's more Borderlands. There are a few tweaks, but nothing major. The oxygen stuff is interesting, but I'm not fighting dudes hard enough yet for it to matter. Your oxygen pack has stats attached to it, such as bonus damage when you're jumping, bonus stats when you're in a vacuum, etc. The ground slam is useful (and can be upgraded with new O2 tanks), and double jump is nice. You're never really starving for O2 unless you're doing a lot of double jumps or ground slams. Unless I'm really not paying attention, it never dips below 50%.

You can shoot the space helmet off dudes and watch them suffocate (you get badass rank for it).

None of the new stuff is game-changing (at the early parts of the game that I'm in). It's more Borderlands. The shooting feels the same, the writing is still mediocre (but better than the first two), numbers fly off dudes and you get loot. I'm having fun so far.

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I hate the oxygen mechanic. I like what it could be, but it's just something extra to think about while I'm trying to shoot-n-loot. Okay, it's growing on me.

I've been having problems with in game voice chat. I may fire up my Teamspeak for anyone that wants to use it while playing together.