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I drink whatever K-Cups are on sale for my Keurig. At work I drink those cans of Starbucks energy drinks. I ice down all my coffee. I find no appeal in drinking hot stuff. Cold (not room temperature) coffee is great. I'm basically a monster to those that know a lot about coffee.

Interesting read, by the way.

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I dunno. They're interested in it. I want them to talk about what they enjoy .

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Even the non-sketchy sites like Greenmangaming?

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I had never heard of this until the quick look. Seems interesting enough. I don't have $50 to drop on an RTS right now, but it's definitely on my radar for the next time I'm in the mood for RTS action.

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Joined. My PSN is NMeck702

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DriveClub is straight up racing. Not much else. No customization, no story. Just racing. I think the cars feel fine and the tracks are well designed. It's kind of sterile, but it's your only option on PS4 if you want straight up racing with no extra stuff thrown in. The word I keep coming back to when talking about DriveClub is "fine". The game is perfectly "fine". Just not exceptional. Exceptional racing games don't yet exist on this platform. I like it.

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This seems to happen with a lot of quick looks. Someone knows or likes the game more than the hosts and picks apart everything they didn't know. I thought that QuickLooks were supposed to be them playing relatively blind (I could be wrong, I've not been here long).

I'm sure that corrections would be appreciated in the thread of the video itself, however.

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I saw this on a preroll to some youtube video I was watching. The trailer had me cracking up. I forgot the name of it, so I couldn't check it out until now. Thanks!

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I think it's crazy that the paid air drops don't guarantee you an item. It's definitely interesting though. I'd be annoyed to spend money on an airdrop and have someone kill me and take it. I don't think that stuff will be a big deal. They changed the drop radius of the air drops and the number of people needed on the server to call one in. Also the drop rate of weapons in the crates were drastically lowered.

I think it's a fun concept. They're walking a thin line by letting people pay for any advantage in a genre of game like this. I'm watching the game closely. I played for a bit but got my refund while they were offering it. Mostly because the loot was completely broken, making the game unplayable. The air drop fiasco didn't bother me too much. I may jump back into it in a few weeks. These types of games are only good for a couple hundred hours for me and I'm done and move on to the next.

I just want a survival game that's focused on survival rather then killing everyone. I like the PvP stuff, but it's hard to strike a balance. Eventually you have so many resources that all that's left to do is kill and rob people. The actual survival stuff needs to be harder with a slower progression of gear/guns/loot.

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T- Flight HOTAS X. Like $50. Works well with ED and a good peripheral to have anyway. I got way into flight sims after buying a HOTAS .

$41 here: