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@spraynardtatum: I haven't seen that map yet. I keep getting the same one with no vehicles :(

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The only thing I think will be disappointing is the story (or lack thereof). I'm having a lot of fun with it though. I'm keeping my pre-ordered (initially pre-ordered just to get in the beta, and planned on canceling). I can tell I'll have enough fun to justify the $60.

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Awesome. I love Battlefield. I'm all for them taking all the time they need to get it stable, and hopefully turn it into something relatively unique. I want actual heists, not just Obliteration mixed with Rush with money instead of a bomb.

(500th post. Woo!)

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Woo. Beta back up. Signed up for NA West group. PSN ID is NMeck702, Bungie ID is Epidemik. Not sure which it goes by (hopefully PSN?)

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So is there no way to actually join up with people from the group and clan in game? I see I'm in on the website, but there's no indication of group/clan in game...

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So they don't owe any money back? They can just say "nevermind" after they get their money? This is why I don't kickstart anything. Even a big name like Yogscast can still screw people.

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Got my code, redeemed it, aaaand PSN is down before download started. I guess that's to be expected with something this big. I shall try again later.

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I sent a join request. My Bungie name is Epidemik. My PSN (PS4) is NMeck702.

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Honey mustard. I love the honey mustard from Denny's. Not fancy, but damn it goes good with seasoned fries or chicken strips.

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Yup. My sticks lasted 3 months before it wore down enough to rip through to the hard plastic. No, I wasn't hard on the controller and my hands don't get sweaty. I still have all of my original controllers from my old consoles in flawless condition. I take care of my stuff. A few hours of Resogun and watching youtube and the DS4 fell apart. That's the reason I haven't got extra controllers for local co-op games yet. No idea if this has been fixed. I was able to get a $60 refund from Amazon after Sony couldn't help (They said to ship my only controller to them at my own expense and wait 4-6 weeks to see if they would fix or replace it).

DS4 is a decent controller, but the build quality on many of them are terrible. And Sony's handling of the situation has been poor. Still waiting to give them another $180 if they would acknowledge the problem enough to tell us whether or not it's been resolved.

I'm in Las Vegas. It's not a humidity thing.