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I love the show, but he seems like a real jackass and deserved to be fired. I'm fine if the show ends over this. They've had a long run. If I go into work tomorrow and punch a co-worker, I deserve to be fired. He shouldn't get a pass. He's already received plenty of passes because of how valuable he is.

Unfortunately he'll probably just start a new show that gets picked up by Netflix or something and will learn nothing. He'll continue being his ignorant self with no actual consequence, even after an assault and being responsible for ending a beloved show. Fans will blindly support him no matter how shitty a person he continues to be. They don't see it as "this guy killed this show I like". They only think "He's on this show I like, so he can do no wrong". He would crush it if he launched a kickstarter right now for a web series or something.

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I've never broken or lost a phone. From my old Ericsson from like 1999 to my current phone. Most unreliable phone I've owned was the first Samsung Galaxy. I hated every second that I owned that phone. That's the closest a phone has been to broken for me.

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I still find all these games enjoyable. I'm not as good as I was when I was younger (now 29), but I still have fun. I can't tell you why specifically. I can go back and play UT99, the latest Battlefield, or something like Insurgency or Red Orchestra and have an equally good time. I don't think age of the person or the game has anything to do with it.

Perhaps you're looking for simpler mechanics than all of the items, classes, health regen, kill streaks, weird objectives, leveling up, unlocks, etc. that are in modern shooters? There are a million things trying to get your attention other than knowing a map and shooting. That can be overwhelming when you just want to fire up a game and shoot people for a few minutes. I find that the less time I have to play games, the less patience I have for that stuff. I often just want to shoot stuff and not think about the extra stuff. I'd almost rather not play if a game can't provide that (depending on my mood). Even with Battlefield (my favorite MP shooter), I play like 2 matches then I want a break. I can play something like CS or UT longer in one sitting than I can BF, even though I think BF is more fun.

Try the new UT pre-alpha thingy and see if that feels alright. Or just take a break from the genre for a bit.

Also, I'm terrible at CoD:AW. I could hold my own in previous CoD games, but my reflexes aren't good enough to defend against everyone hopping around all crazy. Granted, I haven't put in enough time to get good yet. I still suck more than I should.

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I played the first episode. Waiting until they're all out before I pick it up again. The game is interesting, but I can't get over the fact that teenagers are the worst. They captured that well. So much that it turned me into an old man, often saying "these damn kids!". I'm interested to see where it goes and look forward to playing the rest. Hopefully the episodes roll out a bit quicker so I can do that sooner than later.

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Planes. And this dude at work has a 3DS he plays on break.

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I've never played it, so neat. However, it would be cool to get like... actual new games.

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It's not either/or. Both are good. I have a nearly equal number of real time and turn-based strategy games that I love.

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Over the last 11 years, you've spent 2080.2 hours playing this selection, which includes 403 items, is valued at $5873.53, and requires 1763.3 GB.

Check out to see how many of your games are unplayed. That's the true disturbing number.

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That looks pretty corny. I mean, it's a kid's movie right? Except that kids won't get the references? This seems like one of those "Hey, look! This is a thing! There's no joke here but you get the reference, right?!!" "Pac-Man is a bad guy? It's unexpected, therefore funny!"

I hate to be so negative about optional entertainment, but I think Sandler is the worst. He's like aggressively unfunny to me. I've not seen much of Kevin James' stuff. He seems to pick a lot of shitty roles.

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Pre-loading now. Not playing until the morning though, I work overnight.

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