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Thank you all for all the kind words. It means a lot to us :)

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@the_hiro_abides: QA isn't necessarily as terrible as people make it out to be but it is not something i want to do for the rest of my life.  btw, badass forum avatar.  i'm a huge fan of the ravenloft d&d setting. 
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i don't think that the wii is a bad console, it has some amazing titles on it, it's just flooded with shovelware which makes it easy to write off the system in general.

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@Claude: i don't mind if they bad mouth the conduit, i joined up with high voltage after that shipped. 
@GlenTennis: don't worry about my kidneys, team rainbow was specifically created to safeguard them in case my dad ever needed a transplant.
@beej: yeah, i'm trying to get into game writing and/or production.  i've made friends in a few different studios and i'm hoping to move into a job outside of quality assurance sometime this year.
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@beej: honestly, i think it's ridiculous.  i haven't really done anything of note so far so i feel a bit undeserving but i'm hoping to change that this year.  it is pretty damn awesome though.
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just got off the phone with santa, he stands by his official statement that he is not real, the CIA might be pressuring him into that though >.>
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  it's not the name so much as a brand and it's not that odd really.  i grew up seeing the name everywhere so while it is decidedly not normal i am used to it.  made for some awkward times when purchasing video games at EB or gamestop though.   thanks for the welcome btw 
 i always secretly wanted to be named max instead, thought it was cooler than thomas
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yeah, sorry about that, i'm fairly new to the giant bomb community...

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i can assure you that i am very real and that i am who i claim to be. 
me and dad a few months back.