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Wow, I can't believe this...

I love you, Ryan

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I'm using chromium in Arch linux (Cinnamon DE), and any time I use chromium's fullscreen button anywhere on Giant Bomb, or the fullscreen button on the GB video player, I get an all blue screen. I initially thought it was a flash issue, since I first saw it when trying to make the video player fullscreen, but then realized it happens with the browser's fullscreen mode anywhere on the site, even the forums.

Obviously with Arch, there are about a million variables that could affect this, but I have only seen this happen while on Giant Bomb. So I wanted to post on here in case anyone else has similar issues. For now I can just use Firefox.


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stop bitching and fix your game. it wouldn't even be an issue if you fixed the glitches before release.

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I think that means they kick you out if you have a girlfriend.

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You should continue until TNT has covered all of Damon Albarn's projects. Next week will be Gorillaz, of course. Though I suppose someone should make it into a game first...

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Sweet. Wacky fun should mean a new documentary covering the move, or at least lots of random videos so we can see what the heck you're talking aboot.

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It's got to be episode 3. We already knew episode 3 was going to involve Aperture, etc.

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Back when I still visited Gamespot, I did like their "Most Popular" section, with the tabs for Coming Soon and Highest Rated. Something similar might be good. I don't have any interest in what characters are popular.