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Not to add fuel to the fire, but I'm embarrassed at the quality of this game overall and that Rockstar felt comfortable letting it out in the shape it is in, at least the xbox360 version. The crashing is at the level of a bad pc mod or an over-reaching indie title, but there's no excuse for the fact I can't play for more than 30~ minutes at a time before the game completely locks up my xbox. I want to finish the game, much like the OP, but I'm having a hard time justifying my purchase of the game, let alone the time it will take me to finish it thanks to the many issues. Also, since I'm venting in a public place, I think this game is average at best, I can't connect with the shooting or feel of it all (admittedly, it's hard to get into a groove when you know you're on a strict time limit trying to reach a checkpoint before the game implodes) and I absolutely hate Rockstar's engine when it is forced to be a "shooter." Why can't I shoot that guy right in front of me over cover? Because for some reason, my gun is sticking straight in the air thanks to the Euphoria physics goodness. What a fucking disappointment, I have such fond memories of loving the first two, and now I'm have to chug through this broken turd.

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I would love some bros to play it with since there are currently no players playing it =(

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@MikeGosot: t sure did! That horde mode sounds like an absolute blast. Thanks for the info.

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Could someone explain the modes and general progression of this game? Part of it looks like a co-op beat em up in 3D, which would be amazing, and another part looks like a fighting game with more than 2 people fighting (like SSB on crack and in 3d?) I just really have no idea what to think about this other than it looks cray-cray.

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I like the timing based actiony combat. Maybe that is just the mechanics, systems, and presentation creating the "action game feel" illusion, but it hits me in a sweet spot. The loot train and varied weapons and skills keep me from getting bored to quickly because I can always switch it up to an extent. I dig the sci-fi design and prefer it greatly to the dozens upon hundreds of mmo games that are a variation on medieval fantasy/Tolkien/Swords and Sorcery stuff. I like the sound effects, I like the enemies, and I personally find it extremely rewarding to play with a friend or two who can compliment my play style. PSO2 also has some innovative stuff in there that, while not perfectly implemented, should be commended and hopefully copied/expanded upon. The third person shooter mode, weak points on enemies, new combos opening up after you started another combo (poorly explained I know, but you probably understand what I mean, if not, watch the Quick Look) and the MAGs scratch a deep Pokemon/Neopets itch that is really satisfying. I think that about covers my personal love for PSO.

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I think Saints Row 3 has already been in the pot stewing for over a year now, and chances are the engine isn't going to change drastically from SR2, so realistically, they could pump that bad boy out in time for the 2011 early autumn game rush, even though I think summer would be a better window.  Red Faction also seems far along, and Volition has an implied track record (from looking at their release dates briefly) of releasing more than one game in a year or at least very close to a year.  Since I'm throwing down my useless $.02, I also will make a bold prediction that since a lot of big franchises seem to be running their course and getting a touch stale, THQ will make a big play in '11 and '12 to throw every ace they have on the table in somewhat steady succession in order to try catch some more fans since, IMHO, Volition and THQ has been quietly cranking out some really good stuff without much acknowledgement.

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Thank you Nail1080.  If you if any way want to help me (help mod the facebook page, help tune the idea from coloring guns pink to maybe created a clan tag or decal in the in-game decal editor thing for people to use as a reference) please let me know.  I really think this could be something special that would help show what great, thoughtful, and empathic people are in the gaming community.