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For years I've been trying to find the ringtone noise from Persona 4 to use as my text message ringer and have never been able to find it. So I used Cody's "BINGO" from Street Fighter 4.

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They have all already been said, but Red Dead Redemption, Wind Waker, and Sleeping Dogs.

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So wait, have they talked about the Create-a-story coming back? Hate to see VGCW trapped in the lesser gen when awesome visuals like this exist.

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My only food thing, besides an utmost avoidance of mushrooms and avocado, is I really like salt and sweet things. Any cookie I bake has a fuckton of salt in it. I do the Kanji thing of putting salt on watermelon. Hell, you know how some pies come with a dusting of powdered sugar? I ask for salt. So everytime the guys get those candies with salt on them, I need to have them. Still haven't, but they sound like heaven.

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Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. Bought it on a whim when I first got the PS2.

That game was DOPE. AS. ALL. HELL.

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To keep us all sane: Some treadmill corgis.

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@rorie You're a Saint, thank you for opening a forum about all this stuff. The ship is bleeding in a lot of ways right now, and I really do hope some good comes out of it.

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White straight male here, who is genuinely excited to see what Dan and Jason will bring to the site. Would I have loved a woman's voice as well? Sure! But I don't think that's the point. I think the point is that there is an unfortunate cancer growing in our beloved community: that we, as a Giant Bomb Community, are "better than that petty shit" in other parts of the internet. That we aren't the vile people of Neogaf or reddit or something like that. But everything the past few months have told me the opposite. That there is a vocally terrible side of this community, spewing some terrible shit at people who want to see change happen. And the rest of us have, myself included, let it grow. I know I personally saw some absolutely horrendous things said in the chat during E3 and didn't say a damn thing. Under fear of getting jumped as well, out of thinking it wasn't my place, whatever one wants to call it. Today, I'm done with that shit. These people who are upset on Twitter may be a little harsh and unfair in their criticisms, sure, but that's their right to say it. And a website like this only grows with critique, refines itself. So any sexist, racist, homophobic garbage I see I'm saying something. It kills me that people like that are on this website I love so damn much. It won't go away until we make it go. And maybe I'm in the minority, maybe the rest of you don't mind it. But to me, people who just spew hate shouldn't be welcome anywhere. Especially not a place I love. That's my two cents.

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I feel like I should do a could ear victory lap. That aside, I actually Akihiko has the ability to just take this, especially with his shadow form. Giving him more health, and his new juggle stuff? Aki's got the ability to wreck house.

And as long as Mitsuru and Aigis get taken down a peg, I am on board.

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I could have sworn Sho's VO to be Todd Haberkorn. His serious state at least sounded a lot like Prince Ling