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God I just hope it wasn't suicide. Warrior was one of my favorites as a kid, but man did he look beat up on RAW.

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Lovely as always, sir. Hope to see you PAX weekend.

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Hey @marino, MBTA just announced today that the T will start it's late night hours on the 28th of March. All good to go from the City to get around until 3.

Also, thanks for being awesome! Lived in the city the past few years and have had my PAX Plans nuked last minute the past few years. Guide is super helpful.

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If you can I would love one!

TheDemn- XL

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I pulled it off. Thank you, everyone, for some enlightening ideas. Ended up bullrushing the right one and going for the Bonfire.

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Specifically the two Silver Knights with greatbows being dicks on that narrow platform. I have been trying to follow the "Two Hand Greatshield" strategy but I just keep getting knocked off the edges before I can force them to fall. Any advice, Council of Dark Duders?

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Giving Alexis the backhoe flag is an INSPIRED choice. Well done duder!

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@i8donuts said:

@potatoes: Please duder. I just want to know if you are okay.

We all do man. @potatoes I have been there too. Hell I have gotten a lot closer than I am comfortable with. But I found the trick is to find things to look forward to. For me, it was signing up to work the Boston Marathon, start running 5ks, things I have never done before. Things to try, things to experiment with. There is always something you haven't done yet. And when your mind gets dark, look for something small you haven't done. Something to look forward to.

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So, for my wonderful 25-hour Pokemonathon I am crowd-sourcing my starters. Care to take 5 seconds and select which starters I will be using for each game? The survey will be open up until I start playing each game, but I would like to start getting responses now.

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Cool. @chennie PM me your Friend Code, and we'll see what we can do.