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I keep this constantly bookmarked for days when I just need a chuckle. Glad I could help.

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GRTnPWRFL gary. Hit me up for some Halo funtimes.

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The only reason I am not cancelling my Network sub post-Punk podcast is for NXT. I still support that product; those performers deserve the attention and admiration they get. But RAW? I've barely been watching RAW for a while now, never watch Smackdown. And now I have even less reason to. So my network sub stays to support the new guys. My addition to the viewership of the main shows is gone.

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For years I've been trying to find the ringtone noise from Persona 4 to use as my text message ringer and have never been able to find it. So I used Cody's "BINGO" from Street Fighter 4.

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They have all already been said, but Red Dead Redemption, Wind Waker, and Sleeping Dogs.

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So wait, have they talked about the Create-a-story coming back? Hate to see VGCW trapped in the lesser gen when awesome visuals like this exist.

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My only food thing, besides an utmost avoidance of mushrooms and avocado, is I really like salt and sweet things. Any cookie I bake has a fuckton of salt in it. I do the Kanji thing of putting salt on watermelon. Hell, you know how some pies come with a dusting of powdered sugar? I ask for salt. So everytime the guys get those candies with salt on them, I need to have them. Still haven't, but they sound like heaven.

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Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. Bought it on a whim when I first got the PS2.

That game was DOPE. AS. ALL. HELL.

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To keep us all sane: Some treadmill corgis.