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@rebgav: Thanks for the links. I remember getting both of those in my playthrough, but it's helpful to see them again.

She seems to imply that the tears can be more harmful to some people than they are to others, and what happened to "her" Comstock could just be some fluke, since it isn't happening to Comstocks from other dimensions.

I'm not sure I like that explanation. Seems a bit of a cop-out to me. Not that it's really a major plot point, or anything. Just think they could have done better than that.

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One thing that I haven't seen explained, and haven't been able to explain to myself is: If Comstock got all old and cancered-up because of repeated, prolonged exposure to the tears, why didn't the same thing happen to the Luteces? One would think that, prior to Comstock's failed assasination attempt that turned them into the Super Time Twins, they would have been doing exhaustive studying and experimentation with the tears and would have also been affected in a similar way.

My first thought, which didn't pan out, was that Comstock tried to have them killed very soon after they secured Anna/Elizabeth from Booker's dimension, and so they didn't have enough time to soak up too much tear juice. This theory doesn't work, though, because Rosalind mentions the effects the tears are having on Comstock in one of her voxophone recordings, so she would have had to be around long enough to observe it.

My other thought was that, being scientists, they knew enough to take precautions (lead aprons and whatnot) that would limit their exposure to the harmful effects of the tears.

Was this explained somewhere in a voxophone that I missed, or does anyone else have a better explanation?

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The Giant Bomb Community demands Quick Looks of all El Jugador games!

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Welcome back, Brad!  Thanks for bringing this with ya. 
Not sure about this game, though.  There seems to be way too much information on the screen and it all flies by so fast that it seems difficult to know what the hell is going on.  Maybe that's just because I've never played it.  I will definitely wait for reviews to see what kind of response the combat system gets.

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Definitely a God of War clone, but ya know what?  It looks like they made a damn good God of War clone.  Also, this game features freaky-ass mutant babies, which means I simply have to play it!
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The game subtitles the lyrics on Pump Up the Jam as, "get your body on the floor tonight."  When the chick in the song clearly says, "get your BOOTY on the floor tonight."  Everybody knows that dance floors are for BOOTIES, not BODIES!  The makers of this game should be ashamed!

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As if this wasn't already my most anticipated game of the current generation, seeing this just pushed that anticipation level to "11".  Which, in verbal terms equates to: "Oh my god! Oh my god! Please, please, pleeeeease let it come out this year!"

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Looks incredible!  Even if it isn't an accurate indication of what the final game will look like, I don't really care.  I would still play Beyond Good and Evil 2 if it had hand-drawn stick figures!