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As a software engineer trying to scratch a living from freelance scraps and odd-jobs and had to resort to forming his own company because there's no work going locally, that whole Skullgirls ordeal made me sad. $150k is an incredibly small amount of money for the insane amount of work that goes into a modern, high resolution 2D fighting game character, and that's without even touching on game balance. Especially when the developers have families to feed and could easily drop the whole thing and get a job somewhere outside the games industry for a lot more money. As consumers we should be rewarding these people, not attempting to cage them and screaming at them like rabid monkeys when they aren't grinding out content day and night.

Sadly, these kinds of people aren't just ignorant gamers. I have people hounding me every day for "just a small simple app that does... everything in the fucking world" and then balking at the figures I quote them because some moron who couldn't even do the job if he tried quoted them $500 and inevitably fucked it up.

I think it's important that gamers, ones who are as involved as most who frequent these kinds of sites anyway, really should be a bit more educated in this field, but it's also not as easy as it could be. And I think the problem is with both sides, developers hardly ever talk about how much things cost them unlike movie studios, where you can find out the budget of a movie quite readily. Then on the consumer side, it's already difficult enough to battle this creeping wave of self-entitlement and willful ignorance, it doesn't help with bedroom developers pitching supposedly world-changing Kickstarter projects for a couple thousand bucks. It contributes to the problem by skewing peoples already warped view of game development costs.

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That headline is some hardcore bullshit, why that 'journalist' isn't being sued out the asshole is the real story here.

Fuck that shit.

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I cannot support this. I don't care what legal mumbo jumbo meant that Daniel Craig had to be in this because he is the current bond. I just don't care. 
Daniel Craig = NO SALE. Sorry. No. Absolutely not. I will not support this. 
Childish? Possibly, I reserve the right to make illogical decisions, but I fucking hate Daniel Craig, and am a big Pierce Brosnan fan, Goldeneye is one of my favourite bond movies, and the game was one of my favourite games. A remake was something I always wanted, and never thought would happen. Unfortunately, with Daniel Craig's face on it, I DO NOT WANT. :(

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@Whisperkill said:
" god fucking dammit.... we would have a cure for cancer and be living in space right now if it wasn't for wow "
To be honest (even as somebody who plays a lot of WoW) I think we'd be less advanced in those areas if WoW players were contributing to them instead of playing WoW. Those things require teamwork and dedication to properly research, only a handful of WoW players have that, and most of those people have regular, society contributing, day jobs.
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@harrypmgaga said:
" @The_A_Drain:  Then you're in luck - PoP Classic is indeed the original PoP from days of ole' just modernized to fit with today's flashy whims and fancies that you'd expect from an XBLA game.  Don't let that fool you though - it's the same ole' level design you'd remember from the original, complete with strategic sword slashing! "
Dude. I have to say. THANK YOU for pointing that out to me, like a complete fucktard I had simply assumed from the screenshots that it would be much like the other modern games in the series, having watched some gameplay vids I am now actually interested in playing it. It's a pity it isn't the actual original, I would be all over that, but this I may pick up sometime after i'm done with RDR and Doom 2. :D
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While I agree with the sentiment, no, they are not charging you for access to the store, they are charging you a rental fee for the hardware as opposed to flat out paying the cash for a machine/console. It's like renting a top-of-the-line gaming PC (even better than that if people decide to make OnLive specific games, as the processing power is much greater on these industrial servers than it ever could be on a consumer built machine) 
I do agree however, $15/month for the ability to play demos only (which you will apparently be able to do for free via Web Browser anyway) is bullshit.
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None of the above :( 
PoP Classic - No thank you. Unless it is actualy oldschool PoP, all PoP games are DO NOT WANT's for me. 
Snoopy - Looks ok, but, I have Afterburner Climax and Doom 2 to get through :) 
MW2 Maps - Don't play MW2 multiplayer, never have never will. So... Nope.

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Honestly don't care what it's called, that stuff only matters to the Marketing people and the sheep-like portion of the general populace that it will/could influence. 
I might get it, but so far I have seen zero reason to do so, I will wait until there are games I want, hardware is not relevant to me, just the games. 
As for the name itself, just makes me want a new Wave Race game :(

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Since when is one of anything a good sample? Especially from which to judge a multi-million dollar business expansion into a foreign country on. 
That's why they are opening 3... I'm surprised they aren't opening more tbh, but i'm sure they will soon.