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I absolutely suck at platformers, so this game is handing me my ass on a silver platter :\ Starting to frustrate me a little towards the end of world 2, I hope I can finish it without way of the coward though. Havn't used it yet.

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@Death_Unicorn said:
" I mistook Pie for Cake, my head imploded that day. "

That's worse the dividing by zero! We're all so lucky to be alive right now.

I mistook a couple of people for my friends. Further details are not needed, lets just say it did not end well.
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Didn't you post this exact same thread a couple days ago? O_o

If not, then there is already a recent one of these floating around somewhere.

I have no money other than 1200 MSP until october, so i'm anxiously awaiting either Shadow Complex or MVC2 I havn't decided which yet.

So while theres a bunch of games I want, the only one i'll actually be able to play until october is one of those two, and i'm looking forward to trying out 1 vs 100 tonight and tommorow, i'll get to see what thats like finally.
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Thanks for the info that sounds really good. I don't need keyboards and mice etc as I have a laptop and am just looking for a controller for a few things, ten time bonus if it means I can have d-pad ontop when I need it for 360. That's such a good feature.

I think I might invest in one next time I get some cash, it sounds pretty good. Thanks for posting that :D
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Dude, I think the GB staff know how to use basic fucking stylesheets, don't be so condescending.

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Popular culture usually finds it's way into other forms of current media, especially nowadays with the relative ease of creating these sorts of things, the relative cheap cost of cameras, video editing software, etc, and the ease of putting these things on 'The Tubes' has given some very talented people the ability to shine through who otherwise would not have been able to via traditional means.

With the good comes the bad though :P for every great video or series out there, there's 10 bad ones, and 100 videos of a chav happyslapping someone. But you take the good with the bad and rejoice in the fact that this content is available to all :D

Other developments like the Rock Band network etc are also great leaps forward in this sort of thing in my opinion. I mean, while what it's offering isn't too different to Microsofts Community Games program (indeed it's part of that in fact isnt it?) the sheer fact that it's enabling smaller musicians to get their content out there in a format that is so popular today is staggering. Something like this just wouldn't have been possible even ten years ago, not for more than one lucky band or person at least. 

It also works in the reverse, look at how cinematography in modern cinema has effected, and indeed helped to further, cinematography in games. Games like Resident Evil 5 are pushing the boundaries of modern cinematography in a way modern cinema simply cannot do with live action, through use of the virtual camera and other new technology.
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Wow that Saitek pad looks really nice... But, i'm apprehensive given i've had a couple Saitek pads in the past and they were god awful. Have you used this one personally? Is it any good? I really like the idea of switching the d-pad around. I mean, I could do that myself with a cheap 3'rd party pad but, that's a hassle you know, having it actually supported would be awesome, would also be a good pad for the PC (if it works on PC too) as for my wireless 360 pad i'd have to buy thr damned converter, or a wired pad.

The other one just looks butt ugly and looks like it would be terribly uncomfortable. D-pad looks aight though. Also, ewwww turbo :P

Also weren't Saitek bought out by Logitech? Is that just my imagination? Does that mean their build quality is better now?

Man, sorry for all the questions but I REALLY like the idea of being able to swap out the dpad and analogue stick. I might consider a purchase if it's any good.

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This was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the Giant Bomb iPhone app (BTW, it's great, you can watch all the Giant Bomb videos, see the news, etc, available now, only $1.99 on the iPhone App store!)


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Honestly I hardly ever play portable games 'on the go' which is why I often complain about long winded RPGs or whatever I would prefer on the PS2. Plenty of PSP games for example, Crisis Core etc I would prefer a straight up PS2 verion instead of the PSP version.

I occasionally take it to uni, but it gets bashed around in my bag and I just dislike doing that, I know it's a portable machine, but it's also an expensive piece of hardware. 

So yeah, as freakish and demented as it sounds, I play my portable systems the same way I play my console games, at home, sat down on my sofa/bed.
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These make me very very sad.

There is absolutely no way on this earth I can go to events like Comic Con etc being that they are in the US and the expense for me to go is just outrageous. That said I would buy one of those babies without a second though. As I said in another thread, I would also actually kill for the chance to get one of those blank Cardboard Tube Samurai and have him doodled all over by the PA crew. :(

But yeah, I can't even bum a lift down and sleep on street corners for the duration lol, unless I stowaway on a frieghter theres no way I can get over to the convention without buying plane tickets and a new passport, completely impossible for me for the forseeable future. :(