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@insanejedi said:
"Artists are usually the easiest job to break into because artists are the highest in demand for the games industry. I've heard somewhere, if it was 1UP or Rebel FM that art assets are the most expensive part of development. Generally what you need to be able to do is have the ability to translate words into art, by someone telling you what to draw and you drawing it, or translating hand art into digital art. If you can do either of those successfully, then you will have no problem breaking into the games industry. For journalism, the general advice that everyone gives is just keep writing. I want to be a video game journalist one day, so look at my reviews on the site. I've done a couple of lengthy essay type works and that's what people are looking for in you. If you become a famous user reviewer,then it would be a no brainier for that site to hire you, because they can see your portfolio any day of the week. I generally believe that a portfolio of work is a lot more important than even your degree in journalism, that's because Jeff said that his journalism class that he didn't learn anything useful, so in a job interview or application imagine what that means to him or anyone else who's taken journalism. The general question they always ask is "well your certified to write about stuff, but have you written anything?" "

It's kinda a yes and no answer really.

Programmers are paid much more, and their job is more essential (I've had this argument a billion times before tbh, and i'm not prepared to have it again if anyone wants to respond. I'll just post my opinion and if you disagree, fine, but any producer will agree with me. It's more important that the game WORKS than looks good.) but generally, especially with the amount of licensable engines and other software floating about today, there are less of them.

Artists get paid less, and work less than programmers (after all, once the art is done, it's done, rarely does more stuff get done that wasn't planned for, at least by most studios) who have to chase bugs right up until the day it goes gold.

So it really depends what your opinion is, it's difficult to really say which is the most expensive part of development. It probably is art because of the sheer amount of people working on it nowadays, and how much longer it takes compared to what it used to, but they all get paid substantially less than the programmers.

Artists are probably in higher demand though, that probably has a ring of truth to it. Especially non-animation art, like concept or whatever, that's not too hard to get into. You gotta watch out though, most places dont have in-house concept artists, they hire places out who specialise, working for one of those places is probably not too hard, but you could end up working on anything from movies to tv, to games, web design, buildings, anything.
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Fairly sure it was Diablo II, I remember the lag on that thing on my 56k modem, shit, I remember thinking "Fuck! This is the FUTURE!" back then, I was absolutely addicted to it, like, 16 hours a day addicted.

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I believe discussion of such things is forbidden here. Also seriously, you couldn't use google? It's easy enough to find stuff like this.

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Cheese and Chocolate.

Like, straight up chocolate fingers dipped in cream cheese or cheese spread.

Man. It's so nice.

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@Napalm said:
"@The_A_Drain said:
" @Napalm said:
"I think a jump in fierce kick + standing fierce kick might do more damage than his Ultra. That's sad."
Ultra damage is dependant on a bunch of different situations. Most peoples ulta damage is unimpressive until it's fully charged. Besides, if you're honestly saying that then you have no idea what an ultra is for, ultras have a massive advantage, when you set them up they are GUARANTEED damage. It's free damage, you get it for nothing, mostly the setups are easy too. Also, Guiles has nice priority and is an amazing anti-air. You can't measure the power of everything by simply damage alone, you have to look at everything and how it all goes together, if you can't do that you have no right to comment on balance. "
Well, first off... Guile's Ultra has absolutely no set up, unless you are the dude who made the Guile combo video and can short low kick to Sonic Boom straight into an Ultra, in which most people can't do anyway. There were plenty of times when I executed the Ultra and the character was jumping and slightly in front of me and the first Flash Kick would connect, and then they would fly behind me missing the two Flash Kicks that followed. Saying something like, "it's a great anti-air" is kind of dumb, because if you're using the Ultra to knock somebody out of the air, you might as well use an EX Flash Kick. It does about half the damage and you don't waste an entire meter kicking somebody out of the air.The only thing Guile's Ultra has going for him is the fucking beautiful motion of the move. That's really about it."

Well, to counter your first point. Who fucking cares? If you can't do the setups, that's your problem not the games, some characters have more difficult setups than others, they always have and always will. The fact remains that the setup is there, and perfectly viable to use, just difficult, many characters have difficult setups, and many characters have easier setups. Boohoo. It also varies from person to person, for example I can't do FADC ultra hadoken for beans, but I can pull off Balrogs or Rufus' almost everytime.

For your second point, if you time it with any sort of thought whatsoever, both hits will connect, if you just unleash it because "ZOMG HES IN THE AIR!!!" it will miss. Again, not the games problem, certainly not a balance problem either. As for 'wasting' a whole meter, what else are you going to do with it? It's their to be used, might as well go for it, land it cleanly and it gains you a significant psychological advantage for the next few moments. Besides, saving EX flash kicks to get out of other situations is a much better tactic. Again, forethought.

Guile has plenty going for him, if you can't see that i'll reiterate the problem is with you and not the game or its level of balance.


The feeling of frustration is also amplified because everyones a runner this time around, it's very closely balanced everybody except maybe Vega stands a serious chance in almost every match, the only person who really excells is Sagat, but not by as big a margin as he used to. So that doesn't help, the fact that he's lost a couple options here and there, and been updated into the games style of play, isn't all that bad, it just feels bad because you're being beat by characters who used to be crap but are now on an even footing with you.
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If you leave a game for weeks, you generally fucked anyway, I am at least, almost any game I leave for more than a couple days I get frustrated and disoriented and have to start over.

As for item mismanagement, it's really not that hard at all, you learn very quickly to carry a gun + ammo, a secondary weapon fully loaded, at least one herb, and current puzzle items leaving one or two spare for pickups. And you always put the ribbons back in the box, always. In most cases a typewriter without a box nearby will have a ribbon next to it. If you are desperate to save, you should be able to waste a healing item to pick the ribbons up before continuing.

Again, if you have the least bit of forethought, you will quickly learn where the saverooms are and the quickest routes to and from them, even with a terrible sense of direction like mine.

Travelling long distances unnecessarily isn't too bad either, avoiding enemies is much easier than fighting them, cept Hunters but by the time you get to those you should have yourself to grips with the game easily enough.

As for tank controls, as you say, it's just because people are unfamiliar with them, show someone who's never played an FPS game any modern FPS and they won't know which way is up (literally)

It's no more difficult than most other games of its time, not inherently anyway, it's just because people haven't played many games with that style of control.

And yeah, if you fuck up and do something stupid, the game will kick you ass. Much like any modern game will for not staying in cover, or foolishly taking a pistol to a shotgun fight, etc, it's just those have more immidiete consequences, whereas in Resi you realise your fuck up and instead of re-loading, people try to slog it out and it ends badly.

It's really not that difficult, it just has an enhanced perception of difficulty due to peoples inexperience, I guarantee you if the roles ere reversed, you'd be saying it about First Person Shooters, or any genre. It just takes a bit of adjusting to that's all.

Although to make a fair point, if you don't read the documents word for word, you probably will be fucked, especially in REmake as you won't know about the masks, crimson heads and how to kill them, or that Lisa Trevor cannot be killed. So I suppose you would be fucked, but those sorts of things don't take more than a few deaths to figure out, and like I say if you think about managing your inventory, saves shouldn't be too far behind. They aren't checkpoints that's for sure, but it's not like herbs are exceedingly rare, or zombies are hard to avoid.

Edit: If you want an easier experience, try and pick up the Japanese version :D I don't know about REmake specifically, but all the other Resi games had their difficulty levels increased because Capcom thought that NA and Europe would scoff at their difficulty and not enjoy the game. So weapons do more damage, zombies grab less, there are more ink ribbons and I think even some places have more save points too. Like I say don't know specifically about REmake. Even then though, they really aren't particularly hard, it's only because the control scheme is different, once you get to grips with it it's fine.
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@Joe said:
"The fact that people are willing to pass on a sequel to one of the best games from 07 just because they have to fork out an extra £3 is beyond dumb"

The fact that you can't see the relevance of the complaint is even dumber.


Again, mass speculation with no grounding in the real world. Sure Infinity Ward have publicly stated they didn't like losing CoD to another studio, etc etc, but theres is always, ALWAYS bad blood between companies who are owned by huge coorperations. Always. It doesn't mean they are suddenly going to split, if they even can depending on what kind of contract etc they have. Heck, if they are outright owned by ActiVision they couldn't split even if they wanted to.

Besides, splitting away from ActiVision, or staging a mass walkout to form another company is the stupidest thing anybody could do right now with the economic climate. Their jobs are safe with ActiVision right now and they all have families to feed so I guarantee you (heck i'll put money on it right now) that Infinity Ward will not split with ActiVision until the recession starts to clear, if they do at all.

Bungie was unlucky that they decided to go independant as the big recession started to hit hard, it's why they are still working on a bunch of Halo stuff, and still working closely with Microsoft. They had not intended to do so but like I say, most of these people have families to feed and the desire to work on a new IP is outweighed massively by the need to make ends meat.
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Yeah those guys are screwed up.
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A whole bunch of things in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. Also many many things in point and click adventure games.

And the closet scene in Project Zero/Fatal Frame 3. That scarred me for life.

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Yes indeedy, RRP for console games (PS3 and 360, Wii is actually 39.99) is £49.99, retailers just drop the price because it sells a ton more copies that way.

Besides, I see a ton of high profile games routinely selling from shops at £44.99 on release, and MW2 is no different, I already see it advertised at £44.99 at more than one place, so very little difference in the end, it just means it will take longer to drop in price significantly.