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@Elazul:  The students that you know don't even equate to a tenth of a percent of all the students in your local area, and trust me, a lot of students can be very very dumb with money.  I know a lot of people who buy stuff online too, but again, it's not the normal for a lot of students. 
Commercial suicide? I doubt it, otherwise they would be doing something different, i'm not talking about base rent either, i'm talking about the whole lot, advertising costs, setup, wages, everything is cheaper in a town like Southampton, so they can use it as a trial run to see if the UK even wants a Best Buy. If it goes badly, they will lose a huge amount more money somewhere like London than they would somewhere like Southampton. 
@KaosAngel:  We have Wal-Mart, or at least I think the company is owned by Wal-Mart, it's called Asda. Not 100% sure.
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@Elazul said:
" @Toms115 said:
" surely manchester, london and liverpool alone would have been a better opening for best buy. "
Absolutely! You have also just proven yourself as a better businessman than whoever the hell is in charge of Best Buy's shabby UK operation. "
Except, (I can only speak for Southampton here) opening a store in any of those locations costs a fuckton more than it would to open a store in the areas they have chosen, it is highly likely that they have chosen areas with high student populations (students, especially at my university, tend to be dumb and have quite a bit of money) and low setup costs. 
If those stores do well, I suspect the bigger cities will be first on their list for the next set of stores. If it all goes horribly wrong, then they have lost much less than they would have opening a store in London or Manchester. So yeah... 
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I do not know if this is old news, or if stores have already started opening up, but I just saw a "BEST BUY, A new way to buy Technology! - Coming Soon" the new stores location will be quite near to me. 
I can absolutely say, that I do not want. :( 
Anybody else having a Best Buy store opening up near them? Or is it happening anywhere else in Europe? What do you think? Will you welcome them, or does this anger you?

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@emkeighcameron said:
" @GlenTennis said:
Wait... Wha 
Clever post, I was rolling my eyes as I clicked on this, boy did I get trolled good!
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@Guppy507 said:

" Yeah, bro.  He should have done an interpretive dance instead! "

I would pay actual, real-world monies for interpretive dance reviews (that is, review done in interpretive dance, not reviews of interpretive dance by the GB crew.)
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@Swaboo said:
" The video reviews are for people too lazy to read. "
This. No point in putting stupid amounts of effort into them, GB is staffed by a very small amount of people, imo, changing things up just for the video review is a complete waste of everybody involved's time.  
Wahhh wahhh wahhh i'm a journalist... Grow up, video reviews are, for the most part (across a lot of places) just read verbatim from text reviews. I don't see what the issue is, what, you want them to write 2 seperate reviews? Why, what's the fucking point in that? 
The vids are for people who are too lazy to read, stands to reason they should mirror exactly the tone of the written review.
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@ryanwho said:
 Ben Kingsley isn't Persian but he got the job by being "ethnic looking"
I both love this, and fucking hate it at the same time. It just makes my brain stop working. 
It's like, to American movie makers, everyone who isn't from Hollywood is from "somewhere else". Kinda like how David Suchet (a well renowned BRITISH stage and television actor) keeps getting cast as like, Arab Terrorists and other random roles from all over (he is most well known for being Poirot) and Jeromy Irons, another well renowned British actor, Die Hard 3... it's like, what happened "Oh, you're European right? Do a German accent"... 
So yeah, however much thought the OP did (or didn't) put into the issue, the movie makers clearly, did not do the same. The actors are white because they wanted them to be white, everything else around the issue is purely coincidental.
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I have never yelled at a game, anyone who does is a fucking mental patient.  
I have a brother who does this constantly "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU DODGE AND RPG YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT HELICOPTER BASTARD !!!!!! AARRGGHHHH FUCK YOU!!!!!" *throws controller at wall, punches television, overturns table*  Not an exaggeration. No, really. :(  (Doesn't even factor into the discussion that, a goddamned RPG doesn't have a guidance system, it's got to be stupid difficult to hit a real helicopter with an RPG so...)
Curse under my breath sure, get frustrated/annoyed sure but the most i'll ever do is mutter at a regular voice level "Humph, that's bollocks" or "How the fuck did that happen? What was that shit" (usually in WoW when i'm sometimes forced to do PvP from time to time) but shout or break shit, fuck no, those people are literally insane. 
I often get shouted at because apparently I laugh too loudly when listening to podcasts or watching comedy shows/movies, but hey, maybe that's just to hide my inner sadness :P

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Yes the in-game font is the same as in Max Payne although slightly tweaked. 
I fail to see how nobody has pointed this out yet though (but everybody should know anyway, because if you don't... well) Remedy made Max Payne. The only reason these references aren't directly referencing "Max Payne" (instead they use Alex Casey) is because they don't hold the rights to Max Payne. I believe Rockstar does. 
Basically, in this world at least, Alan Wake wrote Max Payne. You can learn more about it in the developer commentary/documentaries on the LCE disc.