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Boo hoo hoo, more people get to enjoy a game... 
Fuck's sake people. I can understand idiots who don't understand the behind-the-scenes reasons why, in reality, complaining about the majority of things like DLC, increased prices, etc, is pants-on-head retarded. But not wanting a game to go multiplatform?! There is something seriously wrong with those people. Get a life.

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Tank controls fucking rock. People need to bring them back. Fuck people who hate them not everything needs to be smooth as butter to feel good, in fact a lot of games nowadays feel too loose and free for me, I do not like it.

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Afterburner Climax QL made me buy it. Awesome game that I simply assumed was a shitty cash in when it came out.

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Time to see what all the fuss is about :D 
Mine just arrived and i've been playing WoW for 3 days straight. Time to check out RDR for myself.

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" @HandsomeDead said:
" @The_A_Drain: I've just finished and i'm thinking the same thing. Same with the torching 1,000 birds. As far as I can tell, I killed all the ones that attacked me and I ended with just under 900 so I'm assuming there are ones i'll need to track down myself. "
The number carries on to the next game. "
Absolutely they do. 
 That said, there is a particularly long trek for one page at one point, and there are enough birds on that one part I think (unless you found it! :D) you could do 1000 in one game. But I didn't get it until my second play.
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Whatever, I really fucking hate Vegetarians who constantly push in your face their ideals and opinions about the subject. So in effort not to be a complete and total hypocrite, I will not proffer up my opinion on the matter. 
I will say however, I like meat. It's awesome.

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@The_A_Drain said:
"Characters and storylines are not relevant to me very much, I like a lot of them, but I always end up rooting for the gameplay above all else with fighters. "
Gameplay is important in a fighting game; the shoddy gameplay in Mortal Kombat is one of the reasons why I can never take that series seriously despite its story that's supposedly more thought-out than other series.  (And even that is up for debate, seeing as Armageddon felt like the writer's way of throwing in the towel.)

Dude, I fucking despise Mortal Kombat for it's gameplay. It's nice to see someone else with the balls to say it, in reality it's a fucking shitty fighter, but it gets all the points in the style box, it does that OTT bloody gorey style very well but in my mind that's all it ever did well, made very little attempt at being an actual serious fighter.
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Wow, lotta hate here for possibly the only lawsuit in a long time that actually has a valid complaint (that does not make it a legitimate, or credibly suit however) 
Dude just wants his Linux, among the tech-heads I know, I know at least 2 people who bought the PS3 with big Linux plans and were incredibly angry about this. It might not effect you or me, but jeese, there's no need to be so angry at the guy filing the lawsuit. Had Sony given the guy the option to not upgrade, then sure, bullshit. But damn, just because a feature you don't use vanishes doesn't mean nobody uses that feature.

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@Napalm:  Cross-ups, ugh. :P Guy's doesn't work reliably mid-screen. As for rush down I guess i'll give it a go being a little more unrelenting, last time I tried straight up rushing down a Guile I was very surprised by how fast he recovers from Sonic Boom. I'll give it a go, I dunno, maybe it's just a real shit matchup for Guy.
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" @The_A_Drain said:

" @Napalm said:

" @The_A_Drain: Not really, haha. Guile's Flash Kick has different range. FK Flash Kick moves forward and has a larger arc, while LK Flash Kick has some invincibility frames on startup, and has a much smaller arc. "
Blehhhh that's annoying, is the HK flash distance too large to really be able to bait?  I kinda feel really guilty for hoping Guile would be buffed in Super, because he's mental now :\ "
I don't really think you can. I don't know if it can counter that weird flying grab thing she does, because that always happens too quick and catches me off guard. But, bait it with what, exactly? Just an empty jump in or something? "
Nah just a straight vertical jump, like, if the guile player is really twitchy and you have a real good judge of distance so he thinks you're in range, but i'll admit i'm clutching at straws happily haha. I'm pulling my hair out trying to get in on even mediocre Guile players at the moment (although I play Guy, not Cammy) 
Also WTF is with Guile's Air Throw seemingly always beating out Guy's command Air Throw? It's confusing/enraging me :S