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I absolutely loved The Club, it always puzzled me why it flopped so badly. I thought that game was a real breath of fresh air at the time.

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I really really like IV and Super IV a lot, but now with Super IV, much sooner than with IV, i'm feeling the inescapable pull back to Super Turbo. It's not that I feel IV is too complex (although FADC's angers me greatly) or whatever else, I just feel like Super Turbo is the better game, and it's one my passion for never ever seems to die. Alpha 3 is another I find myself drawn to time and again, Alpha counters were such an elegant mechanic, next to them Focus Attacks seem clumsy and ham-fisted in comparison. 
I long for the day when Alpha 3 gets a playable XBLA release. We've already got MvC2 (stopped playing due to death threats...) and I can finally put Super Turbo to rest for a while. Characters and storylines are not relevant to me very much, I like a lot of them, but I always end up rooting for the gameplay above all else with fighters.

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Trade Chat, anyone?" 
Oh god no. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo *horrible flashbacks* 
I turn that mofo off. For good. It's like fucking 4Chan on there even on the roleplay forums.
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Why can't you make the decision for yourself? 
Or are you asking purely which game is liable to take you the longest to complete, which, is not a good way to select games... You should choose what you are likely to enjoy the most. 
If you want the former, Red Dead Redemption looks to be the game with the most content. Whereas if you want my personal opinion on which game from that list I would get the most out of, Alan Wake i'm just finishing my 3rd playthrough already. 
Split/Second gets a mention too because a friend of mine worked on it :) 

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@Pie said:
" @Vinchenzo said:
" People would move on. Seriously, all this stereotyping of WoW gamers is annoying as fuck. Just let it go. "
Youve got to admit that theyd be a few suicides "
With or without WoW, some people are bonkers insane enough to commit suicide over things like this. Dude's get murdered over Counter Strike, is the typical Counter-Strike player an axe-weilding nutter? No. :P 
On-topic tho, you've seriously only just thought about this? 
It's going to happen one day, it's got to. Just a matter of when and how you take it, personally by then I probably won't be playing it, or if I am then I will be sure to join in whatever event they surely have planned to end it all, and then move on with my life :) 
I poured thousands of hours of my life into a game called Rising Force Online, I was a huge figure in the community and one of the most prolific crafters on my server. Unfortunately a combination of CodeMasters not giving two shits, and gold farmers (nothing was instanced in this game, and the game world was very small, perhaps less than half the size of a single WoW continent) it was impossible to progress any further and the economy was in ruins. So after months and months of this, I left. The game was shut down some time after that, and I lol'ed. :) Despite pouring so much time into it. So, it's not that big a deal for most people.
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" Hey guys, I don't like cauliflower.  Maybe I should go on the internet and bitch about it.   "
You should definitely do that.
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@lemon360 said:

" ^ Please enlighten me. I've tried the game many times, but I always ended up hating it more and more. It's shitty graphics, and boring leveling grinds. To be honest I never got far into the game. Is the initial suck-age worth-it for the high-level activities? "

That kind of game just isn't for everybody. It may just be that simple, for the same reason some people don't like Sports games, or simulations, or shooters, the same things don't appeal to everybody. It's entirely possible that you just don't like WoW, or MMO's in general. 
For me personally, the draw initially was the huge expansive game world to explore, the immense array of equipment to amass and constantly upgrade as well as the ability to essentially have 2 games, as if one game wasn't big enough, I could switch to the opposing faction and play those guys. But initially I approached it as a single player game and only wanted to do the quests. While I got enough enjoyment out of that, it wasn't until I discovered the social aspect of the game that I really began to sink into it. Hitting the level cap is just the beginning, after that you can find a raid group, and take on the bigger, more epic dungeons of the game.  
EDIT: just to agree with some of the other posters, if you find yourself grinding then you need to seek out more quests :) There are just about enough quests to get to 80. But it depends where your definition of grinding lies, because not all of those quests are unique or different, many do in fact require you to kill 10, 20, even 50 of the same monster. But you can also run dungeons for XP, and things like that. But you can most definitely get to 80 on quests alone if you do almost all of them.
Essentially though, the formula is this. Hit lvl 80. 50 - 200 hours of grinding depending on how many time's you've done it, and how you play. If you even want to hit 80, not everybody does. But once you do, it's Upgrade Gear -> Tackle Bigger Dungeon -> Upgrade Gear -> Repeat. Not everybody is going to like that, but some people do. Even then that's not the only aspect, I know a guy who plays it solely because he enjoys playing the auction house. No kidding, he's got a lvl 80 but he doesn't raid, he just relaxes by farming materials and expertly playing the auction house to amass probably the most money anyone on his server has, and uses it to buy the ridiculously rare trinket and silly items. But that's how he chooses to play it. 
Then of course there is the PVP aspect, which, despite putting literally thousands of hours into the game, I have never ever touched other than the places you need to in order to get some of the armor/items. The large group stuff. The 1v1 or 3v3 etc I havnt ever tried and don't intend to. But again, for some people it's the reason they play.  
I'd say if you have tried it, and it genuinely doesn't seem to interest you, perhaps move on? But if you're determined to give it another go then switch factions, or play a different race (I fucking hated the game when I first played it, starting as a horde orc, 30 mins in I gave up. Then later I tried an alliance hunter and have been playing him on/off ever since) 
As for shitty graphics, well, that's not something I can help you with. You will either let that get in your way of potentially enjoying it, or you won't. Not a lot anybody else can do about it, you do have to remember that the game is 6 years old, and even then it was designed to run on the majority of computers at the time. The two expansions up the graphical quality significantly (although again, designed to run on a multitude of machines, so they are not crysis, that's for sure.) and the upcoming Cataclysm expansion will replace the entire game world (well the main portion anyway) with an upgraded version, as well as allowing things such as flying mounts in the main game world, and I believe they are dropping the level requirement on some of the more interesting content such as flying mounts and etc. 
Bottom line though is that, like any other genre, MMO's aren't for everybody, and like every stylised world, WoW is not for everybody. :) You cannot like everything. 
If things like the UI bother you, you can download Addons which can customise them, or heck even script your own LUA addon packages.  
Also, it's odd that I saw this thread as about a hour ago a friend of mine convinced me to go back to WoW for the summer, and I just re-activated my account. :)
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Maybe not precisely 16 bit, but there are plenty of 2D open world RPGs. Or about as open world as things could be within the technical limitations of the time. 
Phantasy Star, Shining Force, Dragon Warrior Monsters, Pokemon etc for consoles/hand helds, yes, those are open world. 
Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Plansecape Torment etc for PC. That's about as open world as games were back then. 
Newer stuff, there are things like Dwarf Fortress.

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@Jacy:  Sense. 
Basically what I was saying is that the sudden and immense explosion of interest in this game that seemed to happen overnight, I personally don't feel is warranted based on what has been shown so far. That's all, i'm sure it will be great but for me the proof will always be in the playing and while Rockstar have more than proven themselves with their back catalogue (as one of the most innovative and prolific developers in the world) I just didn't think Red Dead Revolver was all that great, and a sequel doesn't inspire instantaneous jizzing of my pants whether it's built on Rage tech or not.  That's all, i'm sure it's worthy of anticipation, but there is a point at which is becomes a frenzy, and that's too far for any game imo. Wait until it's out and you are playing it before you explode people :D
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The first time I knew I was really into following games was when I started getting Nintendo Magazine every month and practically jizzing my pants over blurry screenshots of Turok 2. I had been a gamer long before that, but that was the window where I discovered just how passionate I was for games. Probably, 1996-7 or so. Maybe earlier, back when Wario had his own section giving out cheats in Nintendo Magazine. Turok 2 was 1998, and I remember buying mags for about a year before that.
Then when I realised I wanted to be a developer was when I first played Half - Life. Since then i've been actively following both commercial/review websites as well as indie development and business websites related to the industry. As well as working towards a career.