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I'm more wondering what they're going to do with the Champions league final, since they announced a month ago that they're going to have the first TV ad for the PS4 occur there (an incredibly smart idea, since it's one of the most watched events in the world). Do they figure having well north of a hundred million+ people watching the match is as good a time to unveil the look of hardware? The match is on the 25th, it's as good a time as any to throw a punch back at what I'm sure's going to be a flat out saturation of media by Microsoft that will surely include the look of their box.

That's the date to be looking at. I mean, they know they're gonna have to show something big and different, given the amount of people watching.

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@Branthog: He also happens to be a gamer, a big Blizzard fan, and even can be quoted on saying Warcraft would be the best material for a movie - two years ago, on the press rounds for Source Code.

I really don't understand the idea that he's wasting his talents or just taking a paycheck. The entire reason he even made Source Code was to show that he could make a studio picture, could sign onto a project in development and get it done and finished by a certain deadline. This really does seem like something he wants to do.