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Storm Corrosion by Storm Corrosion is by far the best album this year. Go listen NOW!

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Hey duders, my pair of klipsch image s4's (the sound was alright) just crapped out on me and now im stuck with my laptop speakers which are sub-par. So i was wandering, any recommendations duders? It doesn't matter what style they are (In-ear, around-ear, etc) and I'd like to get some decent sound at or under about 100 USD's.

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I usually listen to some Pink Floyd or Porcupine Tree such as:

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@TheKeyboardDemon said:
" I'm not sure if you have chosen a monitor yet but thought I would add my thoughts on this. I won't name a brand but will say get a screen that is as large as possible and aim at a 16:10 ratio instead of a 16:9 screen, the difference between a 1200x1920 and 1080x1920 is not massive but it is big enough to make a difference that you will appreciate. The other thing to look for is the refresh rates, I have noticed that images look a lot better on a 120hz screen then they do on a 60hz screen, colours look more realistic and even the smallest background details carry more definition.Lastly on your graphics card I would say go with the GTX560Ti, get the Gigabyte SOC (Super Overclock) version which is using a non-reference design, it has excellent cooling, is quiet and easily matches the performance delivered by a HD6970 or GTX570 at stock speeds. "
Actually the GTX560Ti, gigabyte SOC version is the exact card i have my eye on so far. I've also been looking for 1920x1200, and preferably with 120Hz refresh rate but i have yet to find a monitor with those specs.

I have yet to buy a monitor because I'm probably not going to build my system until maybe around August-ish? Thanks for the suggestions though!
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@Gearhead said:
" @Enigma777 said:
" @Axxol said:
" @Enigma777 said:
" Florida represent!  "
Why do we get all the retarded criminals? "
It must be something in the water. Or maybe heat stroke?  "
Answer? Because it's Florida. "
Haha people from Florida are always retarded so this does not surprise me that it happened here in Florida. 
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Thanks for the suggestions guys :) keep them coming though

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I'm going to be building my own rig over the summer and plan on putting either a GTX 560 Ti or a Radeon HD6950 in it, so I was wondering.... What are some quality monitors out there with a good response time, at least 1080p (or 1920x1200), and pretty decent color accuracy(at 23"-24")? My max budget on the monitor is around $350 USD but i would like to keep it cheaper than that if possible. So any suggestions?

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@Super_Yosh_64: What sound card are you buying? And what speakers do you have? I ask because I am tempted to buy a sound card and some quality speakers.
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I always wait until the night before and sometimes for afternoon classes i wait until the morning of. My GPA has yet to drop because of it so i guess its working

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@FLStyle said:

" DMC2 -> DMC3  Fuck you DMC2. "

This. DMC3: Special edition was an absolutely amazing game DMC4 however was an alright game but nowhere near DMC3 quality
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