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Are any duders still playing this? Finally got a competent PC to run games and had this on my radar back when it came out. Is the community as a whole still active or has it phased out?

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@zelyre: I have been wanting to fully get into PC gaming since i was in high school. My current laptop was able to meet my needs (mainly dota 2) through university and now that i have a real career I feel like i can finally afford to do PC gaming right.

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@andorski: Are there any challenges building a PC in a mini ATX case as opposed to a full size one? Also, will the two fans that come with the case be sufficient enough to keep it cool?

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@andorski: Wow, thanks a lot duder! If you were to ballpark, how could it run games like BF4, Rome total war II etc?

Edit* Also would this allow for an SSD in the future?

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I'm looking to build the best PC i can within a $1,000 budget. The only caveat i have is i would like the processor to be intel. Looking at the pcpicker is extremely overwhelming as I'm completely ignorant on which part is better than the other and why.

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@colourful_hippie: I frequent toms hardware alot and came across this Q4 community $1,000 PC build.

ComponentModelAverage price
ProcessorIntel Core i5-4670K (Haswell) Quad-Core CPU @ 3.4 GHz$225
MotherboardASRock Z87 Pro3$95
RAMG.Skill RipjawX Series 8 GB DDR3-2133 Kit (2 x 4 GB)$80
Graphics CardGigabyte GeForce GTX 770 2GB GDDR3$330
Hard Drive and SSDWestern Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD$90
Power SupplyXFX 650W 80 PLUS Bronze$75
CaseRosewill REDBONE U3 Mid-Tower$60
DVD BurnerLG 24x DVD Burner$30
TOTAL : $985

What do you duders think? I'm not sure why i would need the dvd burner nor a 1TB hard drive? What all could this setup run if you were to ballpark it? Are there any parts that are missing from this list (other than the OS)? To be honest i would just like the PC to be solid, I couldn't care less if the damn thing is ugly as long as it can handle most games.

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After close to five years of use, my dell studio XPS laptop is on its last leg. Failing multiple hard-drive diagnostics tests and spending the majority of the day running a chkdsk scan, I feel my poor friend is running on borrowed time. I have used my laptop to mainly play dota 2 over the years while dabbling in any game that it could run. Soon i will have to get a new PC gaming rig and here is where I pose my question. If i'm looking to spend roughly $1,000, what would be my best option?

  • I know that building your own PC is the way to go for any kind of gaming. However, it seems like such a daunting task. There are sites like PCpartpicker that will guarantee compatibility, but I feel like Murphy's law will come into play whenever i do start trying to assemble anything.
  • Do i go the x51 route? Alienware has seemed to provide a decent alternative to gamer's wanting to enter the field with a pretty decent rig already assembled.
  • Do i go and buy another semi-competent gaming laptop?

All three options have their pros and cons and decided to post to see if i could get some solid advice. Games i could see myself playing (don't have to play them on ultra maxed out settings, 60FPS, etc) Battlefield 4, Rome Total War II, and Witcher 2.

Thanks duders!

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During the frame rate issue, whenever i exit the dota client completely and then restart it will be fine for another 25 mins or so.

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@nictel: i can hear the fan running as it's loud as fuck lol. I heard the vacuum method can be risky

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