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Applied for x1 clan a couple days ago. Anyone still playing?

GT: LT Sorethumbs

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Here's the thing, this is essentially the same debate as communism. You are totally right, and it would be great if things could work that way, and IF humans WERE perfect then we could probably pull that dream world off. Unfortunately, I think you are putting way to much faith in how far human conciseness has come; it just simply would not work right now, we are to corrupt.

Also earlier you mentioned "culture" being stupid or something, and the Middle East being a "shit-hole" This is where you make your own argument break down, you aren't even ready to accept other people for being different(and no matter what, people in different areas always will be). How do you think ALL humanity would act if all of a sudden we were under one government, or governed ourselves. It doesn't work, sorry dude. I honestly REALLY wish that it could work, but...get real.

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Can't wait to vote man, looks so fucking good!

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Sit with good posture and don't let the bottom of your palm rest on the surface of your table. Keep it lifted, it feels less comfortable for awhile, but in the long run you won't be running into the problems you mentioned.

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I've seen my same avatar on here a couple times, its no sweat, gota love Lebowski fans!

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@Vodun said:


That's just like, your opinion man...and I couldn't disagree more.

I love you

I love you too!

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Witcher 2's gameplay isn't so great but everything else is great. Dragon Age 2's gameplay's pretty great and its everything else is oh man, so bad. So bad. Marry these 2 games, and by marry I mean take the 1 good thing out of DA2 and replace the one bad thing in W2, and you've got yourself a real winner.

And I don't know about this, I thought DA2 had super weak gameplay compared with Origins, it was just so...shallow, or something like it. I'm not saying that I prefer The Witcher 2's more, but I prefer The Witcher 2's more. I might just be nuts though, I thought Dragon Age 2 was awful.

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That's just like, your opinion man...and I couldn't disagree more.

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Fallout, never played any of them till 3.