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 Wow this game holds your hand like crazy.  
3:48 the word "CLIMB" is written on the wall next to the pipe you use to climb up the wall.  LOL
4:08 "FIND SARAH'S KILLER"  written on the wall.  No shit.....I never would have figured that out thank god it is written on the wall for us.  LOL 
5:43 "COVER" is actually written on the counter you use for cover.  Wow just wow.  LOL 
7:18 "WEAPON STASH" written on the actual weapon stash.  LOL
7:33 "CLIMB" is written AGAIN on the wall next to the pipe you use to climb up the wall.  WTF Ubi do you really need to do this on every single pipe we need to use to climb up?  LOL   
8:14 "GRAB SARAH'S KILLER" written on the door leading to the Sarah's killer.  WTF Ubi you just told us her killer is behind that door.  What happened to the good old days where you try to find the killer on your own without a big ass freaking sign on the door leading to him.  LOL 
Don't take this the wrong way....I think the game will be kind of cool.  But with the retarded always online DRM and this stupid hand holding crap Ubi is really getting annoying.  
FYI....I'm a HUGE fan of the first 3 Splinter Cell games and love them to death.
Gameplay video 

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How in the heck do you use demonic ichor?
 I have 4 demonic ichor, 2 concentrators, 99 flasks.   On the create poison screen it does not even show up at all.  
 btw I have poison skill completely maxed out.  Is this a glitch or something?  Has anyone made poison from demonic ichor?  If so then what ingredients did you use?

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I know that the slow rune reduces movement speed, but does that almost mean that it reduces attack speed?  Or does is only slow down the enemy from  moving  from point A to point B?
If it does the latter then it seems kind of pointless to me.

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Bad news for PC gamers looking forward to this game.  Good news for 360 gamers since the 360 version is not affected by the delay.

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North American
PSN releases (for tomorrow):
Final Fantasy 9
Vagrant Story
 Are you guys excited?  I can't wait.  It is about time we got these two titles finally!


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Does anybody have the PSN updates that are releasing today?  A link to the website would be great.  I checked google but that only turns up the European PSN updates for today.  Thanks.

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