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 I bet you this is going to happen again on 28 Feb 14.   LOL
At lease we know know that when it happens again that it will only last 24 hours so we can just ride it out.

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 Great job on this hands-on article Brad.  Keep up the great work.  I will definitely take your advice and purchase this on the day it is released since I enjoyed GOW 1 and 2 sooooo much.

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updated.  I think those others are downloadable games.

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Updated thanks mam.
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Thanks guys the list has been update!

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A guy Tribular over on posted this:
"For those of you technically/mechanically inclined to do so... 

Open up your ps3 and reset the internal clock by disconnecting and then reconnecting. This should change your internal clock back to the manufacture date....This is not a PSN problem. People are reporting in multiple forums by doing this procedure, their Playstation problems are resolved...

This is obviously a system hardware problem and I am not sure there will be a fixable solution for download. In theory, after 24 hours the internal date should move into "2000" and the system may work...However,I do not except a quick fix form Sony any time soon....I hope I am wrong."
The guy did not post a source so it seems kind of shady.  However, I wonder if this really fixes the problem?  I have no clue on how to reset the internal clock though because he does not even tell you what to disconnect/reconnect.  I assume he is talking about the battery?  Does anyone here have a source that can confirm this as a fix?  I'm playing it safe and waiting for Sony to give us a fix.

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Hey guys I found another strange symptom.  
I restored my PS3 to default settings and restarted it.  Then I changed the date and time from 31 Dec 99 to 28 Feb 10 at 9:47 PM (when it was actually that day and that time).  
The strange part is I just now turned on the PS3 again and it has the date at 28 Feb 10 at 9:52 PM.   When in fact it is actually 1 March 10 at 12:44 AM here!  WTF this is weird.
It only accounts for date and time when the system is turned soon as you turn the system off it pauses the date and time until you turn it back on again.

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