Chrono Trigger Endurance Run Playlist (PR)

A whirlwind tour of Soda Pop, Science, Save Points and Shelters comes to a close: This is a Giant Bomb First for Most Angry People in a Comments Section, give it up for...

The complete Chrono Trigger Endurance Run!


Deadly Premonition Endurance Run Playlist (VJ)

Well it was inevitable, vaguely unpleasant, and moist in a way no one cares to discuss, but here is the Endurance Run (feat. Vinny & Jeff) for Deadly Premonition.

Just thought I'd get that out there so that someone who's absolutely crazy can try and watch it in one go.


Deadly Premonition Endurance Run Playlist (BR)

The erratic pattern of whatever script is handling the TheRealGiantBomb backlog upload has finally yielded the Dead Premonition Endurance Runs! Here, Brad and Ryan meet Francis York Morgan and are changed for the experience.


Persona 4 Endurance Run Playlist

Yeah, that's a thing. But if you consider the amount of time it took to have these videos exist, the time I spent collating them into a single playlist seems pretty insignificant by comparison.

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