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@shagge: I know god damn it. It's the worst. But there has to be other nonsense in the second city somewhere right?

I've found out that there's a low-key lucha libre circuit that meets up about once every other week, but I don't think you can get drunk there- I think it's for practices.

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I'm groomsman to a good friend, but since the Best Man is kind of a lump, planning the requisite bachelor party has fallen to me. I'm also a lump, but I have a strange sense of humor and also better organizational skills.

BUT! I need some inspiration. I need some help to figure out some really dumb things to do in The Windy City.

The Place- Chicago. The Time- Weekend of May 2nd.
The Vital Stats- 6 dudes in mid-twenties and one groom who is kind of a lightweight.

Just to calibrate the scale- my original idea was to go see LuchaVaVoom - a combination Lucha Libre and Burlesque show, because that seemed like the dumbest, hypest nonsense imaginable - but it turns out they're not doing their Cinco de Mayan show in Chicago this year.

So I appeal to you- what kind of nonsense can we get in to?

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You want Recettear. You can jack it up to full screen, and everything about it is both kind of addictive and also somewhat mindless once you get the hang of it. Fun game, cheap, and with a surprisingly deep amount of sheer content.

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Godspeed Ryan Davis. You were one of the best voices on video games, and a hell of a guy besides.

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An interesting read. I appreciate thoughtful articles like this, although it occupies kind of a weird space between a preview and a review. It reminds me a bit of articles written by critics who get to experience a new high-class restaurant or club before it opens to the public, since it has that same hushed, reverential tone.

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So basically what this all means is that three years ago, JJ abrams found a Magic Lamp with a genie inside.

"I want to direct a new Star Trek movie!" IT IS DONE

"I want to direct the new Star Wars trilogy!" IT SHALL BE SO

"I want to work on half-life three!" ...LOOK, STICK TO MOVIES KID.

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By all means, continue doing Bombastica entries. I find that when you talk about games that touch on a sphere you know about, you have some very interesting insights to offer. For example, I have zero interest in watching wrestling, but I like to hear about the nonsense that results from it, and if that happens through a series of wrestling-themed EB videos, then so much the better.

Talk about things you know about, and I'll listen. I come to this site because there's years of experience in stuff I have never cared about, but kind of like knowing about.

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Thanks to the folks at PC gamer for first tipping me onto the story: (link)

In short, anyone with a bioware social / Ea/ Origin account can stock up on these hitherto unavailable items.

But my question: Why?

Why would EA/Bioware make those items available? Are they just trying to get people to maybe play a little bit of their DA1&2 leading up to some DA3 hype? Or are they simply trying to get some numbers on active bioware social accounts to see how many people they could pull in with DA promo items? I can only think that if they're tracking the number of claimants, that data is supposed to tell them something.

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I'd be way into a slice of completely non pirated codes.

In return, music to be stuck in your head for hours.

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OP: No. You're just getting old.