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I find it completely irrelevant. Just enjoy playing the damn game, who gives a shit if GTA V doesn't have a lead female character in it? I certainly don't, and I wouldn't care if the 3 lead characters were women either, I just want to enjoy the Game, that's after all what it is.... a game.....

It kinda irritates me when certain journalists sometimes make ambiguous and largely irrelevant points just to stir things up and gain publicity for themselves. Trying to come across as an intelligent social critic is difficult when the journalist is largely considered to be wrong quite often. Said journalist's appearances on the bombcast pissed did nothing to support the high horse on which said journalist seems to comment from.

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That woman does irk me somewhat

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No surprises that Kick seems to be the favorite. No votes for Stream and Jefailey, I shall go play as them immediately! I do like Jefailey's ever expanding head.

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How anyone plays with S-kill baffles me. It is madness

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Luckily all the Baz players I seem to come across apply this bizarre strategy of picking the Yolo gem & immediately spamming the kick button. Why they think this is going to work I have no idea!

I've seen quite a bit of that actually. Still, it makes me happy when I kick them in the face.

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I'm absolutely loving Divekick, the simplicity just allows me to get involved instantly. I've always wanted to invest some time in a proper fighting game but never had the luxury of enough time to learn all the moves etc.

It's completely whacky and basic but it works so well. It's fucking hilarious too! It is also infinitely tactical for such a stripped back fighting game. I'm certainly learning alot about timing and movement/baiting in fighting games.

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Feel free to add me! Happy to play against duders

Steam: jaws99113

Region: UK

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I'm pretty excited for this actually. Can't be done with staying up till 5am to watch it though so ill have to watch it tomorrow. Hope you duders all enjoy watching it live.

Goooo Daniel Bryan!