Fight against Activision's ruthless policies


TO: Activision

As the "biggest entertainment launch of all time" approaches, you're increasingly making your fanbase more angry. Your recent moves on the business side are head scratching and completely apauling. Tony Hawk peripherals to start, PC and UK price hikes and ridiculously overpriced collectors editions for MW2. Gamers were left scratching their heads wondering why? Than your CEO decided to further anger your customers with this quote "And Tony, you know if it was left to me, I would raise the prices even further." I believe we are in what we call a "recession." What the consumer needs is not more expensive items, but less expensive, which we're obviously not screaming for you to do. As people we speak with our wallets as we know you wont hear our words. Everyone who signs this petition disagrees with your approach and your smug attitude. The undersigned agree not to purchase your game at full retail value. We instead will either choose to A.) not purchase MW2. B.)Purchase only in used form allowing no revenue for you. C.)Import from a cheaper country. This may not seem like much of a threat, but the internet is a large place and your wallets may seem a little lighter come Christmas time. Thank you.


The Undersigned

 Invite as much people as possible!


I am back!

Yeah and I am going to post updates and such and reply to your blogs. What u guys been playing? As for me, I am homing to my 4th platinum by finishing inFAMOUS on hard. Also you guys may want to check out my review at the bottom for the game.


IGN lost it

First their review they said  Mercenary mode is not online in Resident Evil 5, however they were wrong. Then they said had interviewed an Id guy saying Rage will not come this year. However I listened to it multiple times, the id guy Todd said "Aaaaa... no, we'll  be out this year".

Daym, what does that mean? This is even worse then what Game Spot had done.


Been trophy hunting

I will get getting Killzone 2 hopefully next week, as for now and for the last few weeks I have been hunting for trophies. Mainly I have been playing GTA IV and Prince of Persia on a side for the trophies. Regardless what many people thinks, GTA IV is still an awesome game and still feels immersive and fun to play, but I must admit that many trophies are extremely, I wouldn't say hard....but it takes alot of time. Like completing all car deliveries for e.g.

As for POP, mainly I am collecting lightseeds. Before I played the game, I thought there is no way in hell I am gonna attempt to get all thje Light Seeds. As soon as I started playing, realized they are not as cubersome as many think and you just need to look out carefully by paning the camera and be patient.

Fingers crossed for getting KZ 2 next week though!


I am back for good

Yeah, this time I am sure of it, I love the design and all. I sure to post in your blogs from now on. Currently I am working on a documentary with my friends on Heavy Metal.


How you guys doing?

Sorry long time no post as I have been busy and all. What are you guys upto? I will try to reply back your blogs as much as possible. I reviewed two games: Dead Space, Gran Turismo 5, if its good, why dont you recommend it? :D



Suffering from Fallout 3 addiction

I have been playing it non-stop for the past 4 days in an average of 12 hrs a day! I cant putdown the controller......the same type of addiction I got from playing Oblivion...damn you Bethesda! As for other news....I got some stuff well-rewarded for exploring the an awesome rare T-51 armor and Abe's rifle... so now i look like a total killing badass...while looking sexy with flavors of patriotism at the same time.

Sony Bravia 50 inch

Anyways, I bought a HDTV for last week, which is a Sony 50 inch Bravia.. no longer need to go to the living room to play! WOHOO! Damn the picture quality is so sick, that I faked it for not going to college for 2 days!

I bought some Blu-rays to go alongwith it:


Well........I am unmasked

I will try to open up myself to all of you. This may change the way you guys look at me... I am sorry for that. Felt its time you guys know the real me.

ME :D!

Its me.... the eyes are accurately depict when a soul is blessed.... i mean.....infested by a demon. I study the dark side of the various different religions, aka....Satanic worships....Reapers....Demons.....their views on the world...etc. I dont worship Lucifer.... I just..........find him fascinating. When the seals are broken....they say that Lucifer will finally will be free and...when he falls on is said that 'the paradise will be lost'...... I somehow disagree.... If I ever met him... I have tons of question to ask him.

Remember....Nothing in the world is good... or bad.....everything is just shades of grey....its not always right or wrong, depends on which perspectives you see.

Yeah, I also study various other 'so called supernatural' stuff like Reapers, Vampires, Werewolves in my free time. In Layman's terms.... I am cuckoo head.... but to be honest... I am just curious to learn the story from the 'other' perspective.....just...curious. I also want to make my self look like them as close as I modified some lenses and made what you saw

Every month we make two road-trips across the states in various hotspots where activities are happening..such as sight of ghost or other paranormal activities. We have a home-made Volt meter-turned EMF meter, 2 turkey shotguns loaded with rock salts (to fend of any spirits) as salts represents purity... it good against demons and spirits, if by chance they dont co-operate, Solomon's key and some ritual books just for safe precaution. This is my friend Taylor and my recent gig from 2007, its clearly inspired by Supernatural, love that show...surprising how accurate the show portrays the paranormal activities. Instead of the 67 Impala, we have a lame 94 corvette for rent, still does the job well :.

Well.....thats the weird part about me. Say what you want.. I strongly believe we are surrounded by them, when a person dies....where do you think the energy goes to? Energies cannot be made or destroyed... it can be changed from one the.....other. I dont need to tell how many times our EMF meter went nuts.

As for other stuff. I love Coke, I am so so into ****c rock... I tried to blend in with the modern rock... but it just isn't me. I play Lead and training for bass guitar, fav brand is Jackson and ESP.

Among other things I am into soccer/ football. I am the capt of my college soccer team, I played in the attacking midfield role.... kinda like the bridge between midfield and upfield. I support AC Milan, Italy national football team (Azzuri), USA national soccer team.

Favourite shows are Supernatural (never would have guessed), Prison Break, Simpsons, My Name is Earl and recently Dexter.

This blog is getting big.... I want to endit with my fav thing in the entire world. My late gf Klarrisa, she passed away through cancer.... she is always beside me....death is not always the end of the story