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Big Daddy holding Little Sister
Posted by Thrawn1

I can't believe I actually read all of that, it speaks to your writing abilities.

Bioshock was fun in those ways

Posted by Fr0Br0

I was going to play Survivor mode and attempt to go at the Platinum trophy, but then I saw I had to buy the extra DLC for a few of the trophies. Fuck that.

Posted by Billabong81

I am right at the end of Bioshock, but have never brought myself to finish it.  I've been on the last couple levels for over 4 months.  I'll get around to finish it one of these days..

Posted by The_Icon

@ Thrawn - thanks man!

@Fr0Br0- You dont need to buy the DLC to get the platinum trophy

@Bill - Its an awesome game, so finish it!

Posted by natetodamax

What's all this about reading something? All I see is a picture.