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Patrick leaves...Ryan passes away...and now Vinny's leaving...


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Silent, uncomfortable looking corporate tight-ass with a tie. Instantly unenjoyable video. Jesus Christ, could he have least loosened up a little?

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I can never find myself enjoying a Quicklook EX unless it involves Double Fine. I just skip them.

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@FoxMulder said:

Glad they got Will to come to the office, but why the fuck wasn't he playing??? Obviously a guy who replies "Why would I?" to the question "You haven't played much have you?" shouldn't be the one playing the goddamn game. Ryan is seriously making it hard to enjoy any content that he is in at all...It was pretty damn awesome a few weeks ago when it was just Jeff, Brad, and Vinny. I still love the GB crew, but Ryan is really bringing everything down by being a straight up asshole, and not the lovable asshole he used to be.

I don't understand why they play games they don't have fun with. It's not enjoyable for anyone.

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I prefer the more spritely graphics of the original, much like with the recent overhaul of Spelunky.