To the fellow Duder I saw at the PA Wal-Mart on 8/27

Okay, I don't really know where to start this so it's going to be a bit stream of concious.

Fellow Duder, I know not who you are or where you hail but know this, I saw you. A member shirt seemingly materialized from the ether amidst the sea of Scott's toliet paper and Poland Springs. It was like Christmas and my Birthday all at once, but suddenly, I was struck with the profound realization that you were striding past my manager. I had no idea how to greet you o Fellow Duder. My tongue was tied as surely I could not bellow "I ALSO LOVE TEH GIANTBOMBZ!!" but I knew not with what words I should have filled the abyss. I failed you mystery Duder and for that I am truely sorry.

Has anyone else spotted a rogue vomitting Ryan in the wild and failed to greet them? We need some FightClubian way to descreetly greet our own. Do we simply brush up against them and say "Sorry Duder" and leave it at that?


I now feel like a liar.

Lol so I'm douschebaggy enough to take The_Joker as my username than not sign in for like 7 months and my first order of business when I return is change my profile junk from Joker to Persona 3.

If anyone (all of the three dudes on my friends list) cares, I'm going to try to actually do junk around the site again. The GB crew added all this awesome stuff to play around with like linking profiles so I now feel compelled to be signed in and active in the community.

Major bummer that PS3 can't sync up their trophies as easily... what can I expect? Love PS3 but Sony is Always in the market for fail. So yeah... hopefully eventually my Chronicles of Riddick trophies will be viewed by all.

It's a wonderful feelings seeing my Chef WoW achievement side by side with my Veteran Achievement from CoD: WaW I must say.


So I had the power earlier today...

    You might have noticed my point value has gone up rather significantly since my last blog. I now have 68 points and am ranked at #327. At some point last night, I received the ability to Live Edit. I have no idea how or why. The annoying part is it wasn't permanent. Eventually, my latest burst in power vanished. I was devastated as you might guess. In the time I was high and mighty, I submitted a medley of images. I tested what worked and what didn't. Pages I requested entered the que, but images did not. They instantly went Live. I didn't have enough time to submit a full scale article so I don't know how that would have worked. It was so weird, but I certainly enjoyed it.
    I got other crap to blog about, but I'll break it up in case you don't give a damn about parts of it. It's the least I can do.


I got me 4 points!

    Today was the first day I really got to take apart the Bomb. I'm happy to say it works really well. I submitted some info on The House of the Dead series, and they got back to me later that night. A whole 4 points! W00t! It's not much, but at least I'm on the board.
    As I was waiting for that to process, I submitted roughly 200 screenshots from various games. I'll be interested to know how they will judge the point value on them. I'm really just trying to get to the 1000 point freedom mark. That way it'll be easier to edit little mistakes like forgetting a comma or spelling kat with a c. Ya know, little crap like that.
    I also discovered that Giant Bomb is lacking in the decade old arcade shooter department. I enlightened them so don't worry they know about Evil Night, CarnEvil, and Action Hero now (Disaster Averted). Also, I'm anxious to know if they plan to recognize and make pages for user/fan made games. I submitted a request for Streets of Rage Remake as a test.
    This brings me to my last endeavor this evening. Trying to get Ronald McDonald a page. I mean, The Burger King has one why shouldn't the clown? My excuse? He was a character in M.C. Kids for the NES therefore making him a video game character. If they buy into my bullshit, look for his page in the future. On the epic note, later.


So they dropped the bomb

The site seems to work nearly the same as comicvine. I'm very interested in this sort of Wiki approach to conducting a video game website. Most other sites seem to be trying to handle themselves all official. It's really nice to see a site putting enough faith in the public to put the steering wheel in their hands for a change. Looking forward to watching Giant Bomb become something awesome.