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A counter argument as to why that prompt could make sense is that NOT having the strength to restrain himself against killing the Joker is actually Batman's greatest fear thus making it the perfect hallucination for the Scarecrow toxin. That's also potentially what was being conveyed there.

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@ntm: Annoying for Batman is more what I'm saying. On a personal level, I clearly enjoy the Joker a great deal. My counterpoint is that a forced prompt is something that I'd say virtually every player should feel compelled to enthusiastically press when it pops up. The sheer idea that there's a divide over whether it's earned in the first place is problematic. I think you're absolutely entitled to be like "I'm gonna crush this clown's clavicle so good", and I bet you super not alone in feeling that way by the end. I just contend there is an equal number that feel exactly the opposite. I almost wish the OP had made this a poll. I'd be super interested to know how many people went one way or the other on this.

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It's weirdly railroad-y. I'm with the OP on this one. I waited forever for there to be an alternative. The game super didn't actually earn that moment, and no, the Joker just being annoying all game doesn't actually count. That moment felt like Rocksteady regretted not letting the player kill the Joker a little more explicitly in Arkham City. Like, the Joker so clearly killed himself in City that it makes zero sense for Bats to actually get broken up about that. It wasn't actually ambiguous at all. That said, I thought the actual nightmare sequence that followed was cool. It was just that one prompt they didn't earn. If the story dictated that Batman had to kill the Joker right then, there's no prompt needed. It wasn't the powerful "Mash Square to Brutalize Zeus" moment that God of War employed to great effect at the end of 2 where they found players mashed long after Zeus was nothing more than a bloody mess.

There's no actual choice in these games. The one choice you actually make [Azreal Spoilers] Killing Batman or Walking Away was actually super cool, and I'm bummed that we'll probably never know if that choice meant anything besides personal satisfaction.

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I think the game industry as a whole needs to take notice of the fact that the new 'team' size is actually 5. It was only four because that was the ideal number of controllers available for couch coop games. MOBAs (and MMOs) have effectively increased this number to 5. Try to ignore that fact all you want. Gears 3 was the weirdest example because Horde was 5 players... so there was one friend who just got screwed out of playing the campaign with the rest of us.

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I wouldn't let myself continue in House of the Dead 1 or Time Crisis 2 more than once, and even then only if I passed a specific checkpoint.

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@geraltitude: entirely up to Capcom. I'm going to guess no. Right now the only PS4 games that support PS3 sticks are Skullgirls and MKX. If Capcom doesn't support this, expect everyone afterwards to follow suit.

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@kasaioni: They should do a 'Let's Watch' of it. The gameplay will make that game miserable to play alone.

Unless... Solid Scanlon calls upon his mentor for aid.

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@yokelbloke: that's accurate and you don't have to burn your free 90 right away. if you get your old toon up to 60 (and buy WoD), you get 600 skill in your two selected profs. You also can opt to make that 90 on any server.

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It's like Sega has no idea which properties people actually care about and just assume Sonic forever.

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At least in MK9 they get it all figured out. You get cool Sektor and Cyrax skins for downloading the compatibility packs!