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The part where more people aren't saying Dungeons of Dredmor is bothering me.

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If the game is better about matchmaking you with someone you could realistically handle that's fine. I just don't see that happening. I think the stacking death penalty is worse.

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Baby Drew in Street Fighter snuggie

I'm the guy who sent that in. Ryan thought I was Jared Rea and only at the end got my name right. Oh the memories. I think he later drank the Rip It Energy I sent him in the Cata quicklook and said it was terrible. Which it was.

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You should do I have no mouth cause I've had no luck finding a decent let's play of that. It seems really interesting.

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There is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo. There is nothing wrong with asking a tattoo artist what would look good. A quality tattoo artist even if they'd never played the game or understand the reference can tell you whether the tattoo will turn out well long-term in terms of how it'll age. It's actually probably smarter to go this route because they won't be biased toward or against a character or quote. They are simply there to help you design a quality tattoo. You should come up with a short list of three or so games and look try to come up with three rough ideas per game. Take these to two or more tattoo shops and let them give you their inputs and appraisals. If that sounds like a lot of work, remember that this is your body and it's worth it.

That being said, the Tatau from Far Cry 3 is a great tattoo, and furthermore, a great video game tattoo. Two birds. One Tatau.

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@FLStyle: Yeah, TC1 is arguably the only light gun shooter that requires any skill whatsoever. You can't lean on another player, and remember checkpoints? Had to do that shit right. Doesn't matter how many quarters you dump. And yes, classic Wild Dog did not mess around.

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Resident Evil: Dead Aim has some interesting ideas. It was ultimately very flawed, but I really enjoyed it. Far more so than any of the Wii ones.

Dead Space Extraction was fine. Had some truly terrible boss fights.

Time Crisis 2 and Vampire Night are both really the best console ports of arcade rail shooters.

If you can make it to ...just about any arcade that's left anymore, Let's Go Jungle is just dumb enough to be fun if you're playing with someone.

If you liked Carnevil, Frightfestland (Yes, that's actually it's name) just came out and is bad in the same ways Carnevil was. But there is a giant elephant boss randomly so yeah. Final boss is a let down though.

Dread Storm Pirates (Comes with Razing Storm which is bad) was actually pretty great. Has some House of the Dead 2 voice acting.

I will say the new Ghost Squad is actually really well done. The game is incredibly fair and rewards you for playing well the way House of the Dead 1 did.

Ya, know what? Just go play Typing of the Dead. Game is still the best rail shooter that isn't a rail shooter.

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Don't do it on your first run. Meeting Duriel v.2 for the first time and just getting whipped cause you don't know the fight won't be fun. It'll just be annoying. HC mode is for people who are confident in their ability to adapt to any monster formation at the drop of a hat. That comes from playing way too much.

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Well, if this story is true, there is your DLC character list for the game proper. Hopefully, the pricing won't amount to us buying the game again.

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They made Dangerous Hunts look WAY more awesome than it actually is... right?