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Same problem over here. At least the "resuming from saved position" feature is very helpful when the videos crash.

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@Jamsque: I'm sure you're right. But this already rubbed me the wrong way on his spoiler cast, so I just wanted to share my point of view.

If you want to do something good about the world, how about you start changing your fellow citizen's mind about climate change and cutthroat capitalism. Once those problems have been solved, we can start worrying about the culturally influenced depiction of fictional characters in a foreign video game.

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About the sexualization and the jokes: this product was not made with only the US culture in mind. Americans have to realize that different cultures have different thresholds for what is acceptable, both in terms of sex/sexism and violence/glorification of violence. Also, different cultures have a different sense of humor.

Patrick, you simply can't claim to have the absolute moral or cultural baseline here. I don't want to say that this is what you're doing, but your value statements come across as "objective" when they are not. All of this doesn't mean that the sexism in VLR should be applauded - but at least you should understand where it comes from and not blame the developers for being influenced by their culture.

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Some books to challenge your ideas about the world.

"Capital" by Karl Marx (recommended: get some good secondary literature as well)

"A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn

"Eearth" by Bill McKibben

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Through the darkness of future past,

the magician longs to see.

Reloading pages, all the time!

My Vita broke, you see? ;)

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@egg: It's no iPad browser, that's for sure. For instance, there is no video streaming capability built in (there is a Youtube app though, and it will take you to the video there if you click on a youtube link). That said, the speed is alright (much faster than 3DS, but a bit slower than iPhone) for if you want to check the news, or have a look at a walkthrough or so. Handling is pretty nice as well, since you can use the back touch for scrolling, and they have a cool cursor function that let's you hit the right links even if you're not zoomed in all the way. The screen is gorgeous, so the image quality should be on par with the best you can get on a gadget right now.

Edit: Oh yeah, and it's also good to know that the browser can be used in parallel with any game, and thanks to the Vita's slick interface you can jump between game and browser within seconds.

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Thanks everyone! Restarting the Vita did the trick. I thought I had already tried that when it happened last time, but I must have forgotten.

Seems to be a bug with the latest firmware that happens every now and then.

Maybe the mods can close or rename the topic?

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Hi all,

I just wanted to report that GiantBomb no longer works on the PS Vita. When you bring up the site,

it starts to load just fine but once everything is loaded, it automatically reloads. This happens ad infinitum.

It's a bit of a bummer since the Vita browser has actually gotten pretty good with the latest firmware update.

Even though you can't stream the videos, as a subscriber you could still download them via the browser and watch them later.



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@Niall_Sg1: Hey, sorry to dig up this old post, but did you ever find the episode you were looking for? I'm asking because I'm trying to find the same thing right now. Thanks!

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This week's Bombcast will be awesome with all the great games that have been released. Best way to celebrate that would be an early Bombcast, don't you think?