And the library grows!

 Today because of Targets by two get one free deal I ran out and grabbed  
Fable 3 
Dead Rising 2 
And Fallout:New Vegas  
So this brings my 360 collection to 
Gears of War 2 
Fable 3 
Dead Rising 2 
And Fallout:New Vegas    
 The Darkness 
Bionic Commando 
Dark Sector 
Alone in the dark 
Shadow Complex 
I now have a nice little back log to work though. Nothing that big comes out for a wile that I want (Dead Space 2 mainly)  
I also plan to grab Monday Night Combat when I get a chance.  
If anyone has one of these games and wants to play online add me as a friend 
Back to real life 
My grand mother and grandfather Both Doctors (PHD and all that) Do not think my mother was checked enough by the doctors who said she JUST had a ulcer. They think the problem is much more worse and was directly because of the kid hitting her. So my mom is all frantic and getting medic records for them to check over. 
As for the work side of life. I was bumped from 24 hours to a nice big 34 hours this week meaning I will have a bit more money in my bank account at the end of this week. Slowly life is starting to become more stable.     


Time to start the party!

So as you know I got a 360.  
Right now I got  
Gears of War 2 
Halo Reach 
Halo ODST 
However soon I will have  
Shadowcomplex (Its down loading now) 
The Darkness 
Alone in the dark 
Bionic Commando 
 Dark Sector  
The above games I get free pretty much because of two 20 dollar coupons.  
Anyways. Does anyone place any of these games online and might wanna hook up?  
HumanxHammer is my gamertag   
O and I have reached 1k gamer points so yay me! 
Ok back to real life 
My mother is much better now and is working however she really wants to leave this job. Friday she got kicked. Yes kicked and shes also being talked about behind her back by her co workers.  
I am getting about 25 hours per week at work at 9.20 an hour and from what I heard all the higher ups ADORE me. Today a customer tracked down a manager to comment on how good I was to her and well the manager was very happy.  
Anyways nothing else is really that new. Aside from it being about 12 30 right now and I am down loading Shadow Complex and I wanna play some Horde mode GOW2 with Diamond  
But if anyone else wants to play I DO have a mic and skype (it that is easier) And I am 22 so you wont have to listen to some high pitched voice.  
On a side note make sure to check out Bonus EXP the podcast I am on with Pat,David and Andy!  
And follow me on twitter



Well I got a 360..250 giger! I made my gamertag HumanxHammer 
And I am right now installing reach.  
This all came after a long day of work and getting harassed by my niece because I traded in my Wii....mmm family gotta love em. Anyways. Thanks again to everyone who was supportive though the hospital stuff and what not.  
And well GAME ON! 


So I guess life doesn't suck *That much*

As many of you know on Wednesday my mother who works with special needs kids got punched in the stomach by a kid the size of my ex air force uncle. She went to the hospital with muscle contusions. And was released after given some meds for pain. 
Friday she passed out and fell. And Saturday she returned tot he hospital to find out she had internal bleeding and had lost 3% of her hemoglobin. We where then told a day later she had two massive ulcers in her stomach that where most likely effected by the pain meds given to her because the kid punched her. After 3 days in the hospital she was released today and we just returned home. 
She is much better and now I can relax and sleep well.  
And now I can go back to watching my money to save up for a new 360 and Halo reach!   

You will soon be mine!  

 I might even have enough this week because of my nice paying job at 9.20 an hour. So things are looking up for the family! 

Thanks for all the people who were supportive. And to that ONE guy (You know who you are) Who trolled my last blog. FUCK YOU!  
Also I am trying to pick out gamertag names...none so far..yay..

So I guess life is shit.

Mmm well it seems a few people do follow my on twitter and here. Anyways 
Wednesday my mother who works with special needs kids got socked in the stomach by a 19 year old 200 pound boy. We took her to the hospital where she was told she had muscle contusions.  *im not allowed to get mad cause its some special need kid who is not aware of what he does* 
Friday she blacked out for a few seconds. And today. About 3 pm she returned to the hospital with 
Stomach pain. Soreness. Blurry/spotty vision. Dizzyness and very very low blood pressure. We find out she has lost 3% of her hemoglobin and enough blood to drain the color from her face and hands. We also find out she has internal most likely in her stomach. And to top it off she has something strange going on in her cervix which they think might be cancer.  
After many tests including a blood transfusion and saline being pumped into her stomach and pulled out to see if it had blood in it (Which it did. Older blood) She is told she will be admitted and stay the night. We arrived at 3 pm and I left a bit after 10 pm.  
I sit now writing this blog to say that the world sucks and we all get a nice sucky piece of sucky pie at one time or another. Lucky for us she will get FULL workers comp from where she works and they will cover the bill. Of course if this means she will have to stop working my wage of 9.20 an hour with about 20 hours a week will have to support us till she is better.  
Again Sucky word. Sucky pie. Im not that hungry right now.  
I want to add ALL the computers at the hospital seem to run on XP. Not sure why I noticed that... 
More edits 

This morning my mom is gonna have a camera put down her throat to look in her stomach. 
Also when this all happened the kid who hit her does NOT have a personal aid to watch him. And there was 4 people in the area that saw what happened and did nothing when my mother called for help.  
Turns out mother had a ulcer which started to bleed.  
so this is what the doctor says. 
The punch caused her to come in. Where they gave her meds that bothered the ulcers. Which then caused it to bleed. 
And the way I see it. If they kid never hit her. She would not need the meds and there would still have been no bleeding. 


Good to be back

9 hours. TWO massive down pours. Lots of traffic. But I made it to VA.  Kitty is happy to be out of the box. Moved our stuff out of the trailer. we made it down here. Had to drive though lots of rain and TWO massive down pours. We  got here to my uncles and his three german sheperds *who are super sweet*  
Aside from that the trip was decent. Mom fell in a Mcdonalds parking lot.  
Ive updated the gamer tag thread. And I am sure everyone missed me on Bonus Exp podcast. 
I am still giving away two SC2 friend codes. Not sure when..cause well..gotta find em. 


Operation M.T.F.O

Operation M.T.F.O Or better known as "Operation Move The Fuck Out" will start in 3 days and 18 hours.  
Chances are only a few people know what I am talking about so I shall fill you in. 
For the last few months we have been living in a little over office apartment. My room lacks AC,ANY outlets (Forcing me to use a extension cord to power my Laptop. T.V fan. And consoles) Course the wiring here is not the best. I have blown out the power twice and my mom has done it once. 
So on Sunday morning we will be moving from New York ALL the way down to Virginia. A nice 5 hour drive. My uncle will be coming up with a truck and trailer to move our crap to his house where we will be staying till we get our own house. YES a real house. With a washer and dryer. Dish washer, and outlets! 
I bet a few of you are worrying " O no what about Bonusexp and Mission failed podcasts" No fear! My uncle does have internet and I shall still be on them *Or try to be* And I shall still be around the forums!  Once we get over there I will be trying to get a job at Best Buy or one of the two near by Gamestops. 
However I will be missing some time in video games. Mostly TF2  

Pot of Piss!  
With the new update coming next month I am really hoping I can get settled and ready by then to enjoy it. Course I will be packing away my PS3 (And broken 360) O and the Wii. So I not be on those for a bit.  
But some good news. I will be photo recording my trip via my android phone and using Twitter to post them *and here of course*  
On a side note. Start following my twitter because I will be giving away two SC2 friend codes good for 7 hours of gameplay for any mode. And 2 WoW guest passes. And maybe a PS3 Red Zek skin for Singularity *If anyone plays the online*   

On a happy note I have quite a few games to get hyped for and save for. 
inFamous 2 
Dead Space 2  
New Zelda 
Other M 
Soo uhh thats all for now I think. Gotta go pack more. Get the animals ready for move. And uhh...Not fully sure... 
Is my steam name so if you see me playing TF2 or one of the L4D games give me a shout and we can play. I do have a mic! 

We never expected the ice....

A little wile back I grabbed the Deluxe version of this game and got right into it. Set in the year 2142 *duh* Battlefield 2142 grabbed my attention right away with its futuristic yet modern feeling weapons and setting. I however did not go into battle alone. Taking Aaox *BenNinja ingame* With me we quickly made a strong team.  

This game is in short "Great" Dice easily did a amazing job with this and its expansion.  
So the best way I feel to explain this game is to talk about my very first run in with a Titan. I started on a mode called " Titan" Where two massive flying fortress covered in a shield. This mode has the players capture missile silos to take down this shield. After which you board the other titan to destroy it from within.  
At the game start I took about 5 mins to memorize the controls and hopped into a Transport hover copter. Quickly grasping the  controls I set off to "Kill some fools" In the distance I quickly spotted a enemy walker  
So right away I assume" Air beats walker" So I fly straight into attack" However it all goes very wrong when I myself get flanked by their hover copter. With only a few hit points left in my copter I pick to slam mine into the walker. Quickly ejecting before the hit. Which sends my once proud copter into the mech. Turning both into a ball of flames! I hit the ground running as the mech explodes and the other copter on my heels. Finding there is no cover I turn to face my fate. The pilot seeing I have given up steady his copter for his shot..The first missile misses me...then a explosion and the copter falls in flames. Though these flames rolls a tank of my own team.  
The smile on my face was un matched. Laughing I hop into the tank to attack the now shield less titan. Missiles slam all around us and bullets pelt the tanks armor.   

Finely reaching the looming giant and my Battle buddy leap from the tank to the safety of a ACP which is equipped with "Drop pods" We are rocketed up (With a nice little scream) to the top of the titan where we storm down the halls a hail of bullets at our backs. The halls where locked down by the enemy we had to force our way pass turrets,Rockets, and frag grenades to destroy the 4 consoles that sealed the power core doors. And then with its weakness exposed our team storms the power core and lets fly rockets bullets demo pack.  
A stray bullet sadly brought me down and I stared at the ceiling as seconds counted down. However a form appeared over me and I hear" Your back now make them pay!" as I am surged back to life with a life pack. With renewed vigor I held off attackers as more demo packs where attached to the core. Then with a wonder full explosion I was informed the Titan hull was destroyed. But the game did not end there. Our men dashed for the exits. The titan blowing up around us. As I reached the edge of the docking area I leaped and had a wonderful free fall. My life saved by opening my parachute and landing with grace. Turning my eye  to the sky I saw the Titan blowing up. And with that the match ended!   
The game is more then worth the 20 bucks I paid for it on line. If you pick it up or have it. Add me to friends" CyberZeroX" Is me and I roll as support. 
And with that I leave you. The game is great and I love it. I however leave a gift. The awesome version of the theme from Wake Island! 


Yes yes. I know I started Half life 2. However going on a suggest I switched to a game I have never played before! So I picked Painkiller. Sadly the first Part is mostly cutscene. But please enjoy!  
 O and if you have any tips for using Audacity please tell me! 


Half Life 2 LP *Part 1*

So after watching many many LPs as of late I picked to do one. Sadly I could only find one of my Half Life 2 disks. After playing with the editing stuff for a wile I came up with this. I am still learning with the editing tools so bare with me! I am gonna see how this goes and if people like it I will keep going 
Also sorry about the bad commentary. I was sort of nevrous 
  Damn. The sound is way way off sync!