We never expected the ice....

A little wile back I grabbed the Deluxe version of this game and got right into it. Set in the year 2142 *duh* Battlefield 2142 grabbed my attention right away with its futuristic yet modern feeling weapons and setting. I however did not go into battle alone. Taking Aaox *BenNinja ingame* With me we quickly made a strong team.  

This game is in short "Great" Dice easily did a amazing job with this and its expansion.  
So the best way I feel to explain this game is to talk about my very first run in with a Titan. I started on a mode called " Titan" Where two massive flying fortress covered in a shield. This mode has the players capture missile silos to take down this shield. After which you board the other titan to destroy it from within.  
At the game start I took about 5 mins to memorize the controls and hopped into a Transport hover copter. Quickly grasping the  controls I set off to "Kill some fools" In the distance I quickly spotted a enemy walker  
So right away I assume" Air beats walker" So I fly straight into attack" However it all goes very wrong when I myself get flanked by their hover copter. With only a few hit points left in my copter I pick to slam mine into the walker. Quickly ejecting before the hit. Which sends my once proud copter into the mech. Turning both into a ball of flames! I hit the ground running as the mech explodes and the other copter on my heels. Finding there is no cover I turn to face my fate. The pilot seeing I have given up steady his copter for his shot..The first missile misses me...then a explosion and the copter falls in flames. Though these flames rolls a tank of my own team.  
The smile on my face was un matched. Laughing I hop into the tank to attack the now shield less titan. Missiles slam all around us and bullets pelt the tanks armor.   

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Finely reaching the looming giant and my Battle buddy leap from the tank to the safety of a ACP which is equipped with "Drop pods" We are rocketed up (With a nice little scream) to the top of the titan where we storm down the halls a hail of bullets at our backs. The halls where locked down by the enemy we had to force our way pass turrets,Rockets, and frag grenades to destroy the 4 consoles that sealed the power core doors. And then with its weakness exposed our team storms the power core and lets fly rockets bullets demo pack.  
A stray bullet sadly brought me down and I stared at the ceiling as seconds counted down. However a form appeared over me and I hear" Your back now make them pay!" as I am surged back to life with a life pack. With renewed vigor I held off attackers as more demo packs where attached to the core. Then with a wonder full explosion I was informed the Titan hull was destroyed. But the game did not end there. Our men dashed for the exits. The titan blowing up around us. As I reached the edge of the docking area I leaped and had a wonderful free fall. My life saved by opening my parachute and landing with grace. Turning my eye  to the sky I saw the Titan blowing up. And with that the match ended!   
The game is more then worth the 20 bucks I paid for it on line. If you pick it up or have it. Add me to friends" CyberZeroX" Is me and I roll as support. 
And with that I leave you. The game is great and I love it. I however leave a gift. The awesome version of the theme from Wake Island!