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@the_laughing_man: Did it look higher resolution than real life?

I wanted to crawl inside and rub the pixels all over myself..

But in truth it was quite impressive. The Depth of field was amazing.

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So guys...I saw a 4k TV today...

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It looks like they are only sharing data with people you agree to share data with.

Kinda seems like it gives Microsoft permission to verify your personal data with the personal data you've already shared with HBO, Netflix, ESPN, and other services to prevent fraud. Microsoft is not giving away your information to its partners

Then again I dontreally care

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This is now getting thrown around a lot, this isn't exactly clear but it doesn't sound good.

Again the same can be said for Sony.

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The lates rumor is that the xbox os and xbl are beyond broken and a mess.

From a guy who is magically contacted by a Dev out of no where. If this is true why has it not shown up on any of the tours?

To be fair, I could easily imagine the touring Ones are running gimped OS' similar to the demo PS4s. And Jeff responded to a similar question on his tumblr just a few minutes ago.

What I'll be interested to see is how long those gimped demo kiosks remain in stores after the official launch. I don't remember a PS3 or 360 in stores that didn't run the actual XMB/dash.

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Anonymous asked:

You are now, accidentally, the person who has confirmed the Xbox OS rumors. How does that feel, Jeff?

Hah. Anyone taking that as confirmation of anything other than my feeling that no one is out there showing very much (if any) real, unedited footage of the Xbox One dashboard is reaching, big time. If people needed me to point that out to them, then they must not be paying very much attention.

It’s like watching people who don’t understand how numbers work trying to complete a connect the dots book. Everything’s connected!

Anonymous asked:

This is still "breaking news", but do you want to comment if you've heard that xbox live and the OS on the Xbox One are a complete mess? As in fucking broken?

You may have noticed that they haven’t exactly been out there showing it off in live environments.

Same can be said for Sonys OS. They have not shown that of as well.

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The lates rumor is that the xbox os and xbl are beyond broken and a mess.

From a guy who is magically contacted by a Dev out of no where. If this is true why has it not shown up on any of the tours?

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@the_laughing_man: That's very possible and I hope it is.

That is the only time I have heard of it. They had it in a glass case and had it running forever. It crashed but as soon as they opened the case and waited 5 mins it bounced back.

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Ok all, I didn't read the entire thread because it's too long but this is what looks to be going on. Sony is limiting where they send debug kits; limiting to only those outlets that are favorable to Sony. Sony is also not allowing outlets to capture direct feed from the PS4. I have also heard that the PS4 is overheating in some games after about an hour or so of play. I'm not sure if that's true or not as I would expect that same issue to happen constantly during demos but if it's true, PS4 is DOA and all of the good will Sony has worked up will be gone in an instant.

Facts straight from the horseman's mouth.

I'll cancel my PS4 preorder.

Haha, I'm assuming this is a joke. But after looking online, overheating looks to be a potentially real problem. That has me extremely worried. Imagine picking up the PS4 at launch, only to have it constantly crash every few hours.

Last I heard of over heating it was when they sealed it in a box and ran the thing for 10 hours.

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And we are back to square one

On a side note the mobile site logging me out every time I close the browser is annoying as hell.