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Cold stream is in beta I think. I played it a wile ago. 

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@iDarktread said:
@lookatthatgun: It's 15 bucks, son. 
EDIT: Has the quality of new users gone downhill in the past few months, or what?
Its cause people often will google " Free such and such" and will come here. Sign up and beg. 
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@Chavtheworld said:
@awesomeusername: Why do you want the thread closed? It still has discussion value as a "Why the hell does this exist" kind of thing.
Cause there is a thread about the game all ready. 
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@kingzetta said:
I've been playing the Assassin's Creed Revelations beta for the last 5 hours. I think the mulitplayer is brotherhood was the best ever, better than any other online anything. This is even better, they made some smart changes. All you people that complained about stunning not working right, it works a LOT better now. Even if you don't all the way stun them and they still kill you, you can still get points for putting up a fight. Deathmatch is a fantastic new mode, way better than wanted but that mode is still in there.  You know in Black Ops how you can make your emblem and put it on your guy, you can do that here too. The new characters look better than the brotherhood ones and are much more customizable. Manhunt is forever changed by the addition of smokebomb mines.   I can't even begin to tell you much I love this and how satisfying it is. In brotherhood I got to level 50 three times, I played it for months. I've played this beta for 5 hours I'm level 20 I came in 1st place seven times in a row. Skyrim and saints row the third might have to take a backseat, which is crazy because saints row 3 is my most looked forward to game of this year. This beta that does not even have half the stuff in it, may have just trump my hype for saints row.
Biggest issue I had was people magniting to others. 
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You mean three...right...there is only two Deus ex games right now. 

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I use her. Anyone got a extra code? She is my fav hero to use. 

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Bethesda, Rockstar and BioWare for me!

Rogue warrior. 
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Im sorry. It would have been more epic if that sniper at the end was taken out by the thrown weapon we saw. 

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