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I hate Far Cry AI. It's dumb yet omnipotent at the same time. In Far Cry 2 I could sit right next to an enemy and he wouldn't see me and at times they saw me from miles away for no apparent reason. And nothing I've seen thusfar from 3 makes me think this one will be any different.

Ha, ain't that the truth? I remember being shot at TRHOUGH WALLS in FC2. Inside a closed up room with no windows in one of those complexes, and still being shot at by enemies OUTSIDE.I remember at that point I just alt-F4'd and never went back to it again. That was the last straw for me. I tried to put up with the horrible voice acting, the infinite respawns and enemy checkpoints, the crappy mechanics, the "everyone wants to kill you and only you because it's you" thing, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I don't see this being different in FC3 unfortunately. The game looks really nice though, so there is that.
What about in FC2 THEIR jeeps could all ways catch you. Then sunndly lose their super speed when you took em. 
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about 2 hours ago we lost power at where I work. I got sent home early after helping getting stuff done. so now I am here. I got power and internet at home! 

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@The_Laughing_Man: Yeah I don't understand that at all. I also don't get why people get so angry when someone steals "their" kill. You get more gold if you get the kill, but what does it matter if your team is winning. As long as someone on your team is getting powered up then I don't see the big deal. LoL does not keep track of your KDR and you don't get anymore IP if you get lots of kills. Another thing that bothers me is when the game is clearly lost and people won't surrender. The games are long and it's quicker to surrender and get in a new game than drag out a 50 minute loss.
Cause some people get so bad( its happened to me) they hide in the grass and wait till you did the work and then do a big attack to steal the kill. Then do this maybe 10 times a match. 
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It sure would be nice if they showed something animate in that engine. Is it too much to ask to get the trees to at least sway a bit?

Notch said something like this. But it was limited to like 30 frames per second. 
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I think the problem is the game is super dependent on team work. If one teammate does stupid things (feed the other team) then it can cost everyone the game. If one person plays terrible than it can make you have a bad game as well. Not to mention the games are long and if you lose you don't get very much (particularly in LoL) so I think people get pissed easily. That's not to say that they should though, I do agree a lot of people say some terrible things in LoL.
This also happens in the super easy bot matches. People flip out over little stuff. 
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just cant understand why people wud be so agressive in a match type setup for people to learn the game.. :(
Just report em and move on. 
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Are you a cop? You gotta tell me if your a cop. 

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Be safe everyone on the east coast!  This shit is looking like it's gonna be crazy!
Still not rain in VA 
Shit... and I've got a buddy right there in Norfolk who said he's gonna ride the hurricane like a tidal wave.
There was a light rain earlier but nothing so far. Its supposed to get bad about noon here or supposedly. 
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Be safe everyone on the east coast!  This shit is looking like it's gonna be crazy!
Still not rain in VA 
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Linky to Joystiq

Thoughts? I, personally, don't like it so I'll be passing on Skyrim for the time being. I have plenty of other games I want just as much if not more anyway.

Really..did you play any other Beth games? Or any major games in the alst 5 years? They all got DLC first on 360...