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@Little_Socrates said:

I disagree with literally everything you've so far said here, @The_LMFAO_Guy. Also, don't you dare start suggesting Endurance Runs already. It's been a week.

Also, flagging this for excessive badmouthing of Patrick because this topic you've created already seems more geared toward dissing Patrick and his fans than anything else.

Well it hasn't been a week for me as I didn't watch the ER after the first few minutes of the first episode. As I said, it was disappointing.
Opinions are opinions, cowboy. I don't like that guy so get use to it. And nobodies badmouthing me? HA! Isn't that hypocritical?  
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@WilltheMagicAsian said:

The segment shall be dubbed "Take a Lap"

Wow, you really do have magic! 
You know what, fuck it, have it be a spin-off of the ER called what you named it. If a spin-off of TANG can happen - WU-TANG - then this can happen.
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@Brodehouse said:
Klementia?  That's fucking weak.
Yeah, he is weak.
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@ModerateViolence said:
More like Patrick Klepoop right guys?! Jesus...
What does Jesus have to do with anything?
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I'm sticking by my idea because it's a good one. You can't stop me, I'm bulletproof!
It's not about following the samething that you see in every ER, it's about quality. And That man's quality sucks.
Well it seems like you and your defense force have bad taste. I hope your Klementia taste sour!  
 I don't believe you. If my wishes were to happen, you'd be there on day one getting naked and yelling "hooray!"
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@Dagbiker said:

Great, Endurance Run Suggestion Threads Are My Favorite.

And this one is the best one!
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@Landon said:

I like them playing long games and getting attached to characters. Watching them play a 3 hour beat 'em up once a week with nothing visually interesting to watch would get boring.

I don't think it would get boring if the right people are doing the episode. The Chrono Trigger ER was boring because of you know who...........
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The staff playing really short games, like an hour or so long. Like Beat em' ups, shoot em' ups, or other games with similar lengths. I did enjoy that semi-ER that was Bad Dudes, it'd be great to have more stuff like that. It'd also be a good way to shed light on beat em' ups that have not been as popular like a Final Fight or Streets of Rage like game such as Undercover Cops or Violent Storm.  
I know what you're saying: "What the FUCK do you mean daily?" I mean , like once a week maybe? And have each episode be hosted by a different team. Hopefully my dream team - Ryan Davis and Matthew Rorie - will do an episode. After being so disappointed by he last ER (Patrick Klementia ruined it.) it seems like a good idea to make up for those sad fans.  Also, if Patrick Klementia and Patt Sessler are apart of one episode, I'm not watching. 
What are your thoughts?

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Street Fighter III: Online Edition

A disappointing lie from Capcom.

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@Shady said:

I'm guessing it's the same way dudes felt about Olivia Munn. Personally, I'm indifferent to the whole thing. The way I see it, IGN wanted their own Munn and got it though I was under the impression they were shoving her aside for a new face nowadays. At the end of the day, it's video game journalism. It's already a pretty stupid industry. Maybe she'll be able to breakout soon and get some actual decent work.

Olivia Munn doesn't know jack-shit about anything. She's the same person that gave that horrific interview with David Jaffe at E3 2010 and was a total bitch to Frank Gore because she didn't agree with his opinions, and, has admit that she doesn't like gaming conventions like E3. She's the same person that replace Sarah Lane, who Olivia Munn was no where near as good. G4 used her in stupid comedy sketches that weren't funny, Alex Navarro referred to her as "comedy cancer."
And IGN wanted a girl like Munn? Chobot was already famous for that PSP image before G4 went to shit and hired Munn. I believe that photo went up in 2005 and Munn was hired in 2006. 
The only thing I know about Chobot is from her hosting duties on AOTS. I will say this, I prefer her over Olivia Munn or any other girl that G4 keeps hiring today.