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I like Ferris Bueller, but I don't want to see a sequel.

With all the remakes going on, you're forced with two options: Remake or sequel?

I'm not forced with options. I don't want to watch a remake or sequel... Period!

*Hollywood points a gun towards your head*!
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I like Ferris Bueller, but I don't want to see a sequel.

With all the remakes going on, you're forced with two options: Remake or sequel?
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In Street Fighter X Tekken's case, it's the most fucked as it has too many guest due to Capcom's greed.
A roster is like cake, and it got mixed with pie, BAD COMBINATION.

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Been telling everyone for the last couple years to prepare for the era of digital distribution taking over. This is one of the first bigger steps taken, expect more and more. The generation after this upcoming one may be totally digital. Use the interim to stop being weirdos and loving a box and a piece of plastic.

Have you also been telling people about bandwidth caps, slow Internet speed, and huge file sizes? Exclusively digital distribution won't happen until those things either change or improve.
Also, you know how long it took me to install Heavy Rain on my PS3? Fucking hours! And when I say "fucking," that mean a lot. And hard drive space isn't just used for games, there's also movies, music, DLC, themes, etc.
And I still rent games. If gaming becomes digital only, say good bye to that. I don't want to be the ass-hat who keeps regretting several game purchases year after year after year. I bought Street Fighter III Online Edition last year, and I regret purchasing that, and I can't take it back so I'm stuck and fucked because that's digital only.  
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  Three against one, huh? Is this now a foursome? Well so be it. I always come out as the pitcher.
All you did is say you don't mind this, and you don't mind that. Why should I care about what you don't mind? And how does that not change the fact that those guest characters that nobody was asking for screwed several Capcom and Tekken characters out of the roster? And it's still Capcom's greed that took Sony's money. 
And yes, people will still be sore about certain characters being left out of the roster if Capcom didn't do the guest characters, but that's among selfish people that always bitch about specific characters. People like myself who actaully care about the roster are upset about the fact that it got gang-raped by guest characters all because Capcom got greedy. 
And you have a fetish about anime tiara girls.............

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Don't play as them. Like others have said the game has 35 (!!!) other characters you can play as. And you're bitching about extra (FREE) content. Who fucking cares?

If I can view everything with a simplistic vision like yourself, then I can have many chocolate cakes as I want, and world peace. "Don't play as them" doesn't change the fact that this whole thing warrants criticism on Capcom ruining the roster due their greed. Capcom should be shamed for not staying true to the title Street Fighter X Tekken. 
35 characters doesn't change the fact that the roster now has two major issues, too many SFII characters on the SF side, and guest characters that nobody is asking for. 
And who fucking cares? Uh, people that don't like to get ripped off? Also, let me ask you something, who fucking cares about single player content in FPS and RTS games - two genres that also big in the competitive scene? 
I'd imagine you're one of those competitive fighting game fans because you said who fucking cares. Well, here's a fact, exclusive characters equals auto-ban in tournaments. Psst, some competitive player you are. Daigo looks at you with scolding eyes.
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You talk about time and money but you don't understand the concept.

Had Sony not paid Capcom they would not have had the time to add additional characters. Sony guest characters do not take up slots that could have been used on Street Fighter or Tekken characters.

They are additional bonus characters.

It still Capcom's development time. And keep in mind, when Capcom first announced the game, they just started development of the game. So Sony had enough time to get to Capcom to take away five character spots from the roster to add in those guest characters that nobody was asking for. 
Again, Capcom is not doing guest characters for the fans. They did it to fulfill their own greed.
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Whatever. Why shouldn't people expect guest characters in a fighting game these days? It's no different than Mortal Kombat or Soul Calibur. And technically, Mortal Kombat had two guest characters (one of whom was available on both platforms as DLC.) Also, how does this screw fans? No, really. How? The game costs the same as any other with or without the guest characters, and if you're really that bent out of shape over their inclusion, you can just get the 360 version.

Also, cat ears? What?

The guest characters were never liked, even in the days of Soul Calibur 2. Grestmann was one of those people complaining about that..........Though, he didn't mind Kratos and Freddy in MK9, but he's a MK fanboy so what are you going to do? Okay, MK9 does have two guest characters, I forgot about Freddy. But there are people upset about that as well. You may have seen the "well........fuck" comment in reaction to Freddy. 
I explain how the guest characters are screwable in my previous post that you refuse to pay attention to:

 Capcom's time and money could of been spent on actual SF and Tekken characters that could of been available on both PS3 and 360.

That was from my previous post. Also, those guest characters also screws out the SF and Tekken characters that people were actually asking for. 
No chocolate cake reference? That's what I thought =). 
And anime horns, whatever.

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You can skip the driving sections, geez.

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Cry me a river, pal. The game is at heart exactly what people expected; a Street Fighter/Tekken crossover. That the game contains one additional Capcom character, one additional Tekken character, and three Sony characters in the PS3 and Vita versions is not a deal breaker where I'm concerned. I was planning to get the game on the PS3 anyway. These goofballs are just icing on the cake. It's pretty obvious that Sony paid up for exclusive guest characters, and Microsoft didn't. This should not come as a surprise considering that Microsoft refused to play ball when it came to the idea of a guest character for Mortal Kombat, too. Simply put, this is Microsoft's problem.

I'm not your pal, Mr. or Ms. (=o) anime cat ear person. And lying? Shame on you! Who expected guest characters in a SF/Tekken crossover? If you want your head up your ass, fine! But don't drag my head up my own ass too. 
Don't you dare associate my favorite food with this irrelevant mess of a situation. And if you mention chocolate cake, all hell will break lose.  
Yes Sony paid for them, and it was Capcom's greed that went ahead with the deal, all while screwing fans in the process. Greed, that's the key word. Try to call it anything else is just making excuses. 
And MK9 only has one guest, (no guest character would be better) five of them in this game is too many.
Again, shame on you for supporting a horrible cause. 
On a side note, Tank Girl is a horrible movie (I'm watching it on TV as I'm typing this)
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Fuck guest characters, and fuck Capcom. Not only this game is going to be a disappointing lie, but Capcom has fucked the roster over as well - too many SFII characters, and too many guest characters. Capcom's time and money could of been spent on actual SF and Tekken characters that could of been available on both PS3 and 360.