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A couple of years ago, in the last few months of my contract, my iPhone 3g got screwed by an update that made it run slower than it ever had, it was awful and I felt betrayed. I swore that i'd never get an iPhone again...

Almost 2 years into my Galaxy S2 contract, and I hate it; everything about it (except for Swype (which I will miss)) feels unpolished and clunky. I don't know what it is about it specifically, I just don't like how it feels; the size, the flimsy plastic-y case, the stupid slanting gallery, the way files and folders are managed, the terrible Samsung Kies app, not remembering where I was in videos or podcasts... just... all of it.

I was so excited to be an android guy, but honestly, I can't wait to go back to something that just works. Give me an iPhone any day, if that makes me a smug bastard, that's fine, because at least my phone won't crash when I turn the wifi on...

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There are a couple of tutorials in forums across the internet that will tell you just how to set up your ps3 controller, it has some weirdness involved so just following someone's instructions is probably the easiest way. I would post you a link but I'm on my phone. I found one without too much trouble. Rest assured, it is possible and you don't have to download anything.

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@Mr_Skeleton: 'Splosion Man would be pretty amazing at a BBQ though...

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For the interest of anyone else with ear problems, as the OP is clearly beyond help at this point...

I have been deaf in my left ear for the last week due to wax build-up and it was the worst thing ever. I have vowed to never try to clean my ears with cotton-buds (q-tips) ever again. Doing so simply pushes the wax further in and causes a blockage.

Your ears clean themselves, so generally speaking, just leave them alone. If they are getting particularly waxy, then buy some ear drops. If that doesn't work, just put some olive oil in your ear for a week and go to your doctor to have them syringed.

Mine were syringed yesterday, and now I can hear fine. It feels pretty magical when they get that wax out and you can hear again.

If you ever have any concerns about your health, go see a doctor.

Doctors know best.

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Yeah, I think the new store has a couple teething problems... The keyboard is really slow when typing in credit card details, and I got Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood for free from PS+ in the free trials menu... I don't think they wee supposed to be, but it let me buy them both for £0.00. Pretty sweet actually!

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@AndrewB: Wait wait wait... are you telling me I could upgrade my MacBook Pro, (this one) to 8 GB of RAM (from its measly 2GB) with this stuff from amazon for £29, instead of Apple's £320, and it would work just fine, despite the fact it's 1333Mhz instead of 1066Mhz?

If you are you just made my day!

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I'd like one please, mainly to see how it runs on my PC, also because I can't afford it right now and I'd like to give it a go. :)

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I want an HD version of Spiderman 2. That game was great, and having to get my PS2 out to play it is a real chore...

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I'm not sure why you're receiving so much stick for writing this Blog, I thought it was intelligent and well written.

Stranger still, a few people seem to think that this issue is bored to death, and that we should give up trying to change the over-sexualisaton of women in video games, like it's a waste of time or something. It's not, and I support your agenda. I really like playing games, but there is always that sleazy factor that is just embarrassing to talk about.

I am engaged, and I do not buy some games out of respect for my Fiancee, I feel strange playing games with nudity (i.e. God of War, (though while unnecessary, at least it is tonally accurate) or ridiculously under-dressed females (like most fighting games) in front of her, and I want her to respect the games that I play because they are artistic and fun, rather than catering to my lizard brain...

Keep doing what you're doing anyway, I can't wait 'til the day i'm comfortable telling people I play games, (all games) and people actually respect the hobby, like they would reading or watching films.

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Oh man, 1000?! My first interaction with this site was the Borderlands Quicklook, I wanted that game so bad I just had to watch every video on the net, and eventually found my way here. I'm pretty sure I've been back through and watched every Quicklook there is, and now GiantBomb and Tested are my most viewed websites by far.

That means I've probably spent around 500 hours watching these Duders play Video Games, and even more including the Happy Hours and TNTs.

That's what, 21 days of my life?

Also, about 8 hours watching 2 dudes build LEGO...

More please! :)