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Alan Wake's American Nightmare lost me the moment it looped around on the first environment. I know it isn't a very long game, but doing those same areas two more times was not at all what I wanted from that game.

Remember Me was also a struggle to finish. The introduction of enemies who drained your health every time you hit them almost made me stop playing. The combat had become so easy that they had to bring in enemies who were designed to make you swap out your power moves for weaker moves and it really made combat slow to a crawl.

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Congratulations to Vinny and his wife!

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This is absurd. I think the multibillion-dollar entertainment company he works for can probably just about cover it if one of their game reviewers needs a new Xbox in order to do his job.

Fuck that guy if he takes a penny of this money or encourages it in any way.

So, I think people fail to realize in general is that people who do crowd-funding things are not extorting money from anybody. People are actually willingly giving money to them. If you don't think that person should get any money, you don't have to give them the money. Simple as that.

And also, a part of this will go to charity. What's wrong with that?

This is an incredibly nice thing to do for someone. And, it's a rare occasion where you can instantly help someone who has been completely fucked over. Do people think GB has made Dan a millionaire or something? He lives in one of the most expensive cities to live in in the world. His apartment is tiny, and he more than likely pays a hell of a lot in rent. He had to move across country to take the job. I know that if I was in that situation, I could never take a 2700 dollar hit. Some people have decided "Hey, you know what? I like this guy, he has entertained me alot and will provide even more in the future. I am going to help him out by throwing him what equates to the price of a couple of beers." Somehow, not only is this reprehensible, Dan is some kind of scumbag for taking the offered charity in the first place. You think CBSi is going to comp him so he can buy new consoles? Not a chance. I don't know what massive multinational corporations some posters here work for, but wow they must be really nice people if they replace all your stuff after you are burgled.

Heres the thing. I WOULD BE FUCKING DEAD SOMEWHERE if not for the help of strangers and my friends charity. No kidding, no joke. Charity comes in many forms. There is nothing wrong about taking help when it is offered. Sure, we could donate to some other charity, but why not this too? It doesn't prevent me from giving to causes I have an interest in.

The only outcome is that a guy who I feel did not deserve to have his possessions stolen by some ratbag, gets to replace his stuff and can continue on with his life, and will hopefully be able to forget about the massive invasion of his privacy.

If my neighbor is in trouble, I help him out. But helping a stranger.... nooooooo. Dan works for a huge company and has money growing out his ears. He doesn't need our help, and shouldn't accept it. Fuck that. If you don't want to donate fine, no one should if they cant afford to or dont care. That is perfectly fine. But saying that it shouldn't happen in the first place? I really do not understand that train of thought.

You said it perfectly. If people want to help, that's fantastic. On top of that, he's said he won't take any more than he absolutely needs (which is less than the actual cost, since they don't seem to include taxes) and the extra money is going to charity, which the people who are whining about donating to charity are ignoring for their convenience.

There is literally no harm. People are not deciding between Dan and another charitable cause with their very last $5. If they want to donate to charity, they can. If they want to donate to Dan, they can. Hell, they can even do both!

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Wow, this is awful. I'm glad Dan and his roommates are okay. Can't imagine what a burglary must feel like.

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No. Jeff wouldn't let it scare him if a camera were pointed at his face. He'd talk constantly about whatever came into his mind so that the game couldn't envelop him in the atmosphere, so all of the subtle scares and build-up of tension would be lost on him, and then he'd start shitting all over it when he got stuck.

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This is what I've been using for the better part of a year and it is absolutely fantastic.

This is what I use.

Some games have a nasty habit of recognizing the DS4 as both an XInput gamepad and whatever native driver the PS4 is using, so it's best to just tick the "Hide DS4" box to avoid that kind of issue. Since you're going to be using it on a laptop, I'm assuming you'll be playing your games close enough to use a wired connection, which is what I'd recommend. Bluetooth connection sometimes leads to sticky buttons.

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@splodge: I don't know, to me the ER is them playing a game start to finish, not the time frame they did it.

It doesn't matter what you think an ER is. The only thing that matters is what they define as an ER, which is playing a game every single day until it's done.

To be fair, they've never said that. But okay, I don't care. I subscribe anyway. Shoot me for wanting this place to be more inclusive.

They did say it during the Persona ER.

Not to mention that all ERs have been daily, and other video content where they've finished games but didn't play daily haven't been called Endurance Runs.

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My money is on Red Dead Revengeance.

My vote is on that in hopes that Revengeance will replace 'Origins' and 'Storm' as generic title words.

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@splodge: I don't know, to me the ER is them playing a game start to finish, not the time frame they did it.

It doesn't matter what you think an ER is. The only thing that matters is what they define as an ER, which is playing a game every single day until it's done.