Start of Grade 11 and Random Crap About a Prom (Blog Post)

Tomorrow is the day I start the Grade 11 year.   Theres definately going to be a lot of pressure on me as it is the most important year of my time at high school.  This school year is when I have to study my ass off so I can have good grades when I apply to Universities.  God, Im both worried and excited at the same time.  On one hand, I really dont want to start Grade 11 and on the other I cant wait to experience everything.  Its absolutely driving me nuts.  Im also a very indecisive person so I hope that I will be able to make rational decisions this year when I decide which direction in my career Im going.  At this very moment I want to go into medicine but just a few months ago I aspired to become a school teacher.  I really hope that I wont regret my decision in a couple years but who really knows if I will.  For anyone else that is going to or already has started school I wish you all good luck and a clear head.  
Oh I also wanted to ask a questions.  So a really good friend whos a girl (you can stop reading here if you want) asked me to go with her to this thing at my school thats sort of like a prom thats in may.  I guess it is a prom but I had no clue we were going to have one until she brought it up.  Shes a really good friend and probably my best friend whos a girl but I just dont want to go with her.  Shes really great but I honestly think I can do better and I dont want to strap myself down to a commitment.  I dont want to be in a position where I have to choose between her or another girl even though she asked me first.  Yeah I know I just sound like a total dick but Im just saying whats on my mind...  I told her Im probably not going but shes insisting that I should.  Well no coming to think of it, she didnt really ask me, she said I was going with her and that probably pushed me away from the possibility of going with her even more.  
Anyways, Ive been rambling on for too long.  Again I wish you guys good luck and happy travels whatever that means.  Ill also say a short fairwell to get myself organized.  I have goals for myself that are all over the place and I think I need to take the time to actually sort them out.  I need to stop using the internet and playing Fallout 3 for a short while.  Ill also stop thinking about what games Im going to buy this fall...  Anyways, Ill see you guys and gals at the Big Live Live Show Live this Saturday! 
PS, I might do this more often so I might need to think of a title.  Any suggestions for future titles? 


so its my birthday...

So i just wanna take time here to post that it's my birthday and I thought it would be nice if I got a couple birthday wishes here (you don't have to if you don't want to.)  I was going to write a blog about a trip to Japan but I completely forgot and I am 2 months late?  I was very surprised the earthquake/tsunami (maybe they should name it for possible historical reference?!) hit Japan exactly a month before I landed at Narita Airport.  Even though most of my family lives in Tokyo I am still worried and I'm praying for all the Japanese people.  There's really nothing I can do but donate money to the Red Cross, possibly volunteer and pray so I'll stop posting about it here.

It's just unreal because the older I am, the more I care less about age.  I remember being younger and every birthday that I had was very important to me but now I don't get that feeling anymore.  I'm a young member of this site so I guess I shouldn't be complaining too much. 

Anyway I know some people might have their birthdays on this day too so I would like to wish you guys/gals a happy birthday! 

Oh before I forget I've been trying to get the Platinum trophy for inFamous and it's boring me to death so could someone recommend me a game on the PS3 that's worth 60 bucks?


Crappy New Years (Blog Post #1) [sorry for wasting forum space]

  Let me just start this off by saying, i had a pretty shitty New Years and it was a terrible way to begin 2011, but in no way was it the worst New Years ever, ill make that clear.  I am going to talk about a video game (Red Dead Redemption) however theres a bunch of other stuff that just really sucked.  It began with the fact that I did not have anything plan and I was too lazy to actually plan something.  So I was playing Black Ops (which i turned off in 10 minutes due to the lag) and a guy i know begins texting me.  I barely even hang out with him and i wouldnt really call him my "friend."  Let's refer to this guy as Juan (even though hes white.)  So Juan begins texting me, whether i want to do something on New Years Eve because he didn't have any plans.  So i reply with a "no because I don't feel like doing anything tonight."  That was a lie, I did want to do something but not with him and this is where things began starting to get freaky.  He begins texting me every fucking second even though I was about to reply to another text I just sent.  It was literally a few minutes after he had sent his last text and he was expecting me to reply right away.  So I basically sit on my couch, playing some Black Ops like a little kid waiting for the Boogie Man to stop knocking from inside the closet (well I was sucked into the game so I really just ignored it all.)  Then he begins calling me and eventually it stops.  I check my phone to see the damage Juan has done and boy, am I going to kick his ass.  I had over 20 messages in my phone that I have to go look at now because my phone will announce every time that i get a text that i have "26 new messages"  Oh and the fun doesn't stop there!
I quit Black Ops and get myself onto MSN.  I know nobody uses it anymore but i just use it to communicate with the small number of people that i know that still uses it.  I primarily use it to talk to my ex that i got off on good terms with.  She moved to another country and we never had a formal break-up so we basically just flirt with eachother on MSN.  Sad i know, as far I know she could be giving some guy, head and i wouldn't even know.  I got a webcam recently and knowing of this, she asked me if i wanted to webcam chat with her.  In fact, she's been asking me almost every time we would have a conversation.  I would usually say that I'm too tired or I don't feel like it.  I couldn't find a good excuse so i said that i wanted to watch Rocky VI (god, that was fucking terrible, I fucking hated that movie) and she said "so you would rather be watching t.v. than talk to me through a webcam" and jokingly I said "haha, yeah."  I guess when you're talking to someone through a text chat u should specify that you're being sarcastic at the appropriate times (no shit).  I guess she took the seriously and she stopped flirting and sending long messages.  She would then send short ones, basically killing the whole conversation.  So I guess we're done for good but it doesn't matter, life's about moving on.  
After this, I decide to forget everything that just happened, my realization of my unpopularity, my realization that i can't flirt with anybody when I'm bored (unless I go on chatroulette or something) so I decide to play Red Dead Redemption's Co-op.  I thought it was going to be all fun and games (no pun intended) however i came to realize why i stopped playing that game on the PS3 as soon as I beat the game.  The game was glitchy as hell, the textures and lighting made my eyes hurt in less than 20 minutes.  And to top that off I played with a lot of douchebags that thought it would be funny to shoot my fucking mule.  I was pretty slow already considering my default horse was a shitty ass mule because I just began playing the co-op, they would force me to go on foot for a good 5  minutes as I desperately whistled for another one to pop up in the horizon but what would they do?  They would fucking butcher it.  Little bitches...  I go into another lobby where this kid immediatly invites me to join his possy.  He had a mic and as far as I can tell was of Latin herritage because of his accent.  I don't have one anymore due to the fact that my little brother broke it because he rages whenever he plays a videogame.  So this little punk begins commanding me to "shoot in the air if you want to go to another gang hideout."  I just hated not being able to voice my opinions whenever he would say something stupid and idiotic ex.  "there must be another guy crawling around in this gang hideout, throw your dynamites everywhere!" (note we just killed everybody in that hideout and in fact, it showed that we beat the hideout a few moments ago.)  After we take over a few gang hideouts he begins to throw dynamites and fire bottles at me like theres no tomorow.  I can't really do anything to help myself because I only have throwing knives.  I leave the game because my eyes were hurting and I was tired of that kid's bullshit.
So there ya have it, that was my New Years of 2011.  What was I doing when the clock his 12 you may ask?  I was eating a cheese sandwich with hummous spread that I just toasted.  So i don't really know if this is really a blog post and tell me what ou think about it. I really hope i don't get a "not this thread again" or whatever you call them.  I also want to publically apoligize to the GB community for making terrible posts in threads and I'll promise to make better ones that don't take a stab at comedy.  
Now, I want to ask the community a few questions:  How was your New Years?  Did you go out and hang with your friends (or strangers)?  Or did you just stay home like me? 
*note* I just figured out that there's a blog section and I'm going to post this on the forums.  If a moderator sees this I'm wondering if you could delete my other "blog post" on the forums?  because now i have 2 of the same thing on the forum and it's just gonna clutter it the forum's.  thanks for reading