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Im going to be moving into my first place in a few weeks. Any recommendations on where to get cheap and solid pans?

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Yes it is. Now go watch it.

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I was surprised to hear of the website during a Q&A for Adam and Jamie. I completely assumed the site flopped and I havent visited the site for over a year. Im glad that theyre doing good and the website looks pretty nice too.

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It's probably just a joke post dude. When she introduced it she clearly takes a 'this shit is weird right?' stance.

Which she follows up with "but I think I kind of like it" basically giving it her endorsement. Granted, yes she did not actually pen this herself but by giving it her endorsement and posting it on her site that says quite a lot IMO.

Come on dude. I mean I took that 'I think I kind of like it' was to imply the goofiness of the whole thing. I don't think she's being sincere when she says she likes it. I mean she has strong views people disagree with it but I never got the impression she would legitimately like something like this and be all 'man this shit is great!'. Give her some credit dude.

You really think she would if the roles were reversed?

Exactly, she constantly plays the victim card and if someone wrote something like this about her, she would be freaking out about it.

But you're talking about 'could be'. In this particular blog she's stating, I think anyway, that that shit is nuts. Maybe in some made up reality she would think something different. But here, in this reality with this real blog, I don't see this as being anything but her thinking that that shit is nuts. BECAUSE IT'S NUTS GUYS!!!! THIS THREAD IS NUTS!!!! REALLY???

It doesn't matter to me what she thinks about it. It's not a big deal to me. She's just generally unlikable and kind of full of shit.



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Heard her new album is coming out soon and I was concerned for her because I thought she didnt have a single out. Im not saying it would be impossible for someone like her to sell units without one but I just thought it was odd. This track makes sense.

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I have a feeling that isnt it..... Probably something funny like an auto-tuned voice

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Jay Z once said that you gotta learn to live with regrets. If youre worried that the situation is gonna get worse, then you can learn from the experience instead or soemthing. I dont know, Im only the intern.

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Ive been saying "guys" when I address a bunch of people but Im trying to change that. Ive taken up "yall", but I feel like Im forcing it when I say it. Surely, there has to be something better.

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You know what, fuck everything thats going on, Im proud to know this song!

I call it date rape for the ears