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Sabal. I didnt wanna risk having him torture me with bamboo shivs under my fingernails.

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Dan is absolutely an enthusiastic and incredibly entertaining guy, and things like Mario Party Party, Demo Derby and Metal Gear Scanlon are amazing additions to the site. For Giant Bomb as an entertainment site, he was undoubtedly a great hire.

That being said, I have yet to experience Dan adding anything interesting to a conversation about games or gaming.

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@corevi: This might or might not break your brain, too. That movie made the most money of all the XMen based films.

What? No it didnt. It made less money than most of them. Only beat the first one and First Class.

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@excast: Honest question: Why do you feel the need to defend Giant Bomb, and thereby defend yourself?

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Occasionally UPF seems like a chore they're indebted to do rather than a party. Party content is the best. Mario Party Party, Papa Vinny's Pizza Party, Unarchived Retrogames Party, Thanksgiving Break Parties, Christmas Break Parties.

I wish I could find it again but I remember that stream called GAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEESSSSS or something was great. I think it was Christmas '09 or maybe '10. That stream is the life I want to live.

Was that the one with Matthew Rorie shoeless whilst the Star Trek: Enterprise opening played in the background over distorted, monstrous talking?

Nah, it's the one where they played Sewer Shark for way too long. ... I think. I feel like they've played Sewer Shark and Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball like sixty fucking times.

Here's an old thread referencing that it got lost in the move over but that it might still exist somewhere.

If its the stream that starts with a bunch of MK, and also has some of that Marky Mark Make My Video game along with Sewer Shark, then that is definitely on Youtube.

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@kishinfoulux: That's because that's not the upcoming schedule. Its a new box showing off the newest premium content.

The Upcoming box is still around, but it's not showing up right now because nothing is scheduled.

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Even though I've never been the biggest fan of Jon Snow and his storyline I'd say this was probably the best episode in a long time purely because it felt like an episode and not a clip-show. While I haven't read the books I'm assuming this is more akin to how the story is told there, big chunks of single story-lines instead of a mish-mash. And if it works there, why not for the show ?

Actually the books are kind of like the show in this regard. It might be little more jumpy on tv but I suppose it's inevitable when you have so many different characters and only 10 hours a season.

Is it because of budget limits that it's only 10 episodes a season? They could flesh it out way more and focus on one or two characters per episode.

It's an artistic choice they said they wanted 10 episode seasons from the very start.

... fueled by the fact that if they were to do more episodes, their budget would be stretched even thinner.

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@thehbk Because people know the alternative in this business: A product that gets rushed out the door, leading to quality issues or cut content. (Such as Dragon Age 2 or KOTOR 2, to name a couple)

The game is gonna cost the same whether it comes out in november or march, the difference will be the quality, and people would rather wait a few months, instead of buying a game that isnt as good as it could have been.

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If this... Project doesnt end with someone stealing that bus, blowing it up, filming it on a tape and sending it to the guy in a Speed VHS box, I'll be damn disappointed.

Oh, and the perpetrator should be a resurrected Dennis Hopper.

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@zero315: Nope, Inception is one of the best movies ever IMO.

Well that explains it all.