Unfinished business

All the games I started playing, then never finished for one reason or another.

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Posted by Video_Game_King

Go for Final Fantasy XIII, because I'm assuming that you've spent 15 hours without seeing the robot thing.

Posted by Little_Socrates

I should've used one of my get out of hell free cards on Okami. Nobody should play Okami anymore, though if you do, you'll like it after twenty hours or so of revulsion.

GO PLAY ASSASSIN'S CREED. It's not even that long, and then you can be done with it forever.    

Posted by dietmango

I suggest you finish the ones that don't take that long to finish, then work your way up. That's what I'm planning for my own pile of shame this summer.

Posted by loganWTF

Of those, my favorites that I played were Bully and The Saboteur so my vote is for those.

Posted by The_Patriarch
@Video_Game_King: Theres a robot thing? Oooooh!
Posted by Video_Game_King

It was pretty early in the game. You ride a robot and kill things. It doesn't ever happen again, but damn, it's the moment when you know the game's gonna be awesome.

Posted by The_Patriarch
@Video_Game_King: Ohh, right! I remember. Yeah, that was actually pretty cool. Bummer it doesnt show up again.
Posted by The_Patriarch
@Little_Socrates: Damn, really? I've heard so many people gush about it, but it did give me a bad feeling when I first started playing it.
Posted by Getz

My vote goes to Psychonauts; I don't think you'll have any trouble playing through that game because it's damn good. Flawed, but damn good.

Posted by Little_Socrates
@The_Patriarch: If you're not REALLY into Japanese storytelling and mythology, there's a lot to really hate about Okami. It's a slightly innovative game that delivers on its message, but the 20+ hours it'll take you to get to the part of the game that makes it good is punishingly boring. You should probably just watch someone play it online.
Edited by EvilKatarn

Psychonauts, Conker and Devil May Cry 3. In that exact order. Psychonauts is funny and charming and fun to play, it's witty as hell and it's not too long.
Conker is also a rare case of a game that's funny, but I must admit I've never finished it either so I don't know about the length of it. But i've heard only good words for that game.
DMC3 is kind of hard, but I managed to beat it. It felt amazing at the time, but it might be cliché as shit right now. Also, perhaps a tad too ugly, and I remember some backtracking. 

Oh I'm stuck at the same part in FF XIII. That transformed old guy is a cheap faggot I tell you. 
Posted by The_Patriarch
@Little_Socrates: Thats a lot longer than what I was expecting! Damn. I'll remember to keep a free card for it just in case then.
Posted by Yanngc33

Prey is pretty A-ok, you should play it, it's short. And you ow it to yourself to finish Lost

Posted by Danteveli
Posted by nick_verissimo

Oh dude, play Eternal Darkness first! It's still a pretty unique experience to this day and was one of the coolest experiences I had with a game as a young lad.  

Posted by Sparklykiss

Knock Assassin's Creed out. Game is short. (I say this, but I haven't completed it myself. I blame all the flags I was collecting.)

Posted by boylie

I'd save Psychonauts for when this marathon has you at a low point. Keep it in your pocket for when you hate yourself for even doing this (if you get to that point). I'd say start with Assassin's Creed. It's a way better game then people gave it credit for, it just lacked variety. Plus if you don't care about the flags, it's not too long. 

Good luck!

Posted by norton123

Gears of War. Not too long. 

Posted by Kyreo
@norton123 said:
" Gears of War. Not too long.  "
Yeah I second this.  It ages well and is fun to play.  You should finish it.
Posted by Vexxan

Go play Gears of War, now!

Posted by AhmadMetallic

Assassin's Creed 1

Posted by avantegardener

Play Bully, possibly Rockstars finest offering to date, definitely Okami and you should probably give Gears a shake to see what all the fuss was about. 

Posted by The_Patriarch
@Kyreo: Yeah, I definitely remember it feeling very fresh even though I didnt play it at all until sometime last year. Definitely seems like one of the frontrunners right now.
Yeah, I dont think I have much to go either. I will not be going after flags haha.
@boylie: Thats actually not a bad idea, but it's looking like Psychonauts might end up the first game I play.
@nick_verissimo: Yeah,  I really like it as well. The corrupted save just kinda knocked me out from going right back into it. Definitely one Im looking forward to finishing.
Posted by The_Patriarch

 All right guys, I counted all the votes both here and in the thread. This is the only time votes in comments on this list will count. It's simply gonna be a mess if people vote both in blog posts and on the list, since I had to cross reference the votes to make sure nothing was getting counted twice. So from now on, only comments made in the blog posts I write will count.

Anyway, with 9 votes, the first game Im gonna be playing is Psychonauts! Looking forward to finishing it, and to see what made me quit in the first place. Assassin's Creed and Gears of War got 8 votes each and Okami came in third with 5.

Im probably gonna start playing the game tomorrow. Since I'll probably post the blogs in various boards that don't see much activity anymore, feel free to follow me to see when Im done with the game! Next game will be chosen in that thread, so hope you'll come back and vote again!