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@Geno: It actually has 2 extra hideouts. So it's slightly better. 
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I hope that something like Steam is available on consoles in the next generation. Buying something online and pre-loading it so you can play it the minute it comes out is awesome. It's so much more convenient, no lines to wait in, no worries of a store not getting the game in on time or being sold out and no stupid boxes cluttering up my room. Steam is by far the best method for purchasing games and I'd love to see the next Xbox have a 500gb hard drive and have all games available on demand.      

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This is earlier then I thought. Can't wait. 

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@srslywtfd00d: Wait for the reviews/quicklooks of Portal 2 and Homefront. They both look neat but it's always better to wait and weigh out all your options. 
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That sucks for the company. Keep in mind though it's not just PC games. Most games on 360 have been leaked before the PC versions were leaked. That seems to be the trend lately.  Besides this isn't even the full version of the game! It's just the beta! 

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It's almost -50 with the wind chill in Labrador and no schools were closed today. It's been this cold for 2 weeks now. I can't wait for summer. 
@SoylentGreen said:
" -45C, bitches!  Winter in Manitoba is rough. "
It's even rougher in Labrador. 
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I've been a fan of the crew since their Gamespot days. I signed up for the site on launch day and I've been here ever since.

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Harry Potter.

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A bullet to the head. Or maybe if I'm just too busy to play. Actually I haven't actually sat down and played a game for more than 30 minutes in like almost two weeks.

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Strawberries and tangerines!